Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Wearable Art. Here’s How:

Guys, you can go ahead and pass on this post—it’s for the ladies. That is, unless you and your bros have been waiting patiently for an app that will allow you to turn your beautifully composed Instagram photos into wearable nail art. NailSnaps allows you to do just that—create one-of-a-kind nail stickers based on photos [...]


80 Year Old Grandma Betty Sharing Her Cancer Battle With 300,000+ Instagram Followers

In a unique twist of old and new, Grandma Betty might very well be one of Instagram’s oldest active users. She’s 80 years old and is fighting an ongoing battle with cancer. In January, her great grandson setup an Instagram account for her. Since then, the outpouring of love, well wishes, and support has shot [...]


The Geography Of 200+ Tech Acquisitions By Google, Facebook, And Twitter

You’ve likely heard of acquisitions made by all three of these companies. Facebook has purchased three notable companies, lately: Instagram, WhatsApp, and just this week, Titan Aerospace. Twitter has picked up TweetDeck, Vine, and Summify. Google? Well, Google hasn’t stopped buying up companies since the beginning. In fact, the big G makes up more than [...]


Facebook Launching ‘Paper’ App For iOS Available Today

When you think about how you use your smartphone for social networking, your home screen is probably full. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Foursquare, and some of the smaller niche networks like Path, Circle, Vine, and even MySpace, how many more could you possibly need? The king of the social network jungle [...]


#MYZAGG February Instagram Photo Contest

Hey there all you Instagram users! ZAGG is having an Instagram photo contest every day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) during the month of February! The theme is #MYZAGG. We’ll give you a new descriptive word every day. We want to see a picture of your ZAGG and iFrogz products along with the hashtag #MYZAGG. How [...]


Here’s the Top 10 Instagram Locations of 2013

2013 was a year filled with #goodtimes for Instagram users. Instagram released a list of the top 10 Instagrammed locations. Click the links to see a feed of all the pics from the popular locations! 1.Siam Paragon (สยามพารากอน) shopping mall, Bangkok, Thailand 2. Times Square, New York 3. Disneyland, California 4. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas 5. Disney World Florida [...]


Instagram’s, Direct Moments, Lets You Share Pics And Vids With Select Friends

Instragram Direct was debuted on December 12, 2013, during their event in the Big Apple. Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, announced Instagram Direct, a way of sending specific photos and videos to a select limited group of up to 15 friends (which also happens to be the same number of seconds you can shoot an Instagram [...]


Facebook Now Shows Instagram Likes On Photos You Share

Facebook bought Instagram just over a year ago and since then, we haven’t seen much in the way of integration between the two platforms. As I opened my News Feed today though, I saw something different. This photo of my friend Laura had Likes from people not actually on Facebook. A little digging revealed they [...]


Instagram Officially Announces Ads Showing Up In Your Feed

Today, on Instagram’s blog, under the title “Instagram as a Growing Business,”  it was announced that ads will begin showing up in our feeds. Claiming that Instagram has big plans for the future, they’ve stated that it’s time to make a sustainable business. This means advertisers will be allowed to pay to have their content [...]


How Did Instagram Get Its Name?

The Instagram Website briefly explains that Insta came from the childhood memories of cameras claiming to be instant back in the day when we normally had to wait for our film to be developed. Gram comes from the idea that we are sending digital telegrams to each other over the wire. Combine them together for [...]

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