Can You Escape Facebook’s Instagram With OpenPhoto? (by @calebhicks)

If you are one of the 59% of users who think that Facebook will ruin the Instagram experience, you may have another option in OpenPhoto. OpenPhoto was funded through Kickstarter last summer as an open Instagram alternative. You can save pictures to Dropbox and comment, share, or tag them in the iPhone app. All of [...]


73% of Instagram Users Would Have Preferred a Twitter Acquisition (by @calebhicks)

Scoople is a social networking app for news buffs. Users of the iOS app can share opinions, see what friends thing, and predict public response to big news stories. And what bigger news story was there in the tech world than Facebook purchasing Instagram for a reported $1 billion dollars? The app pushed out a [...]


Follow Places with Mapinterest

If you’re like most people on Pinterest, you have some sort of location based pinboard stuffed full of dazzling pictures of far-flung places from corner to corner of the globe. Sure these boards are cool but they’re not very interactive; more just a bunch of pretty pictures to look at and places to dream about. [...]


Twitter tried to buy Instagram before Facebook

There are often undercurrents of drama in the headlines of the tech world, and that is appearing to be no different in the evolving story of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram last week. According to The Next Web, Twitter tried to purchase Instagram in recent months, but the deal never materialized. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was [...]


This is why 12-year-olds aren’t excited about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram

Twitter user @PatrickMoorhead posted this screenshot of an iMessage conversation between him and his 12-year-old daughter.

android dev sucks

Fragmentation Rears It’s Ugly Head (Again) for High Profile Android Launches

A couple of high profile (and highly anticipated) apps that originated on iOS have finally made it to Android over the past week. Temple Run and Instagram have both shot up the Android charts. Both have been destroyed in reviews and on Twitter for a familiar issue for any Android user – fragmentation. Apps that [...]

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Luxogram gives you your Instagram on the web (post by @brettbristow22)

Instagram has recently gained millions of new users with the release of the Android app. If you are one of them, or even a veteran iPhone user, you have probably wondered how to see your stream of photos online. Luxogram provides you with the ability to use many of the interactive and social elements of Instagram on [...]

Instagram Filters

Hey Android, Instagram this!

You either love your Android phone or wish you had an iPhone. Either way, you don’t have Instagram…yet. This past weekend the company of the very popular photo-editing Instagram App announced they would be coming to Android. They haven’t announced when they will be coming, but when you visit their page you can mark your [...]


Change It Up on Instagram

Instagram can be one of the most time-consuming and fun ways to update your friends on your day-to-day activities, although it can also become routine and boring. Instagram should be u sed as a fun and creative way to let out your inner photographer and document your life, not a way to catch every personal [...]


Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercial introduces us to some great inventors

Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name. In this case, Best Buy’s new commercial helps us put a face and a name to some of the most popular recent inventions and apps. I thought this was a pretty clever way to advertise the fact they’ve “created a better way to buy a [...]

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