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Luxogram gives you your Instagram on the web (post by @brettbristow22)

Instagram has recently gained millions of new users with the release of the Android app. If you are one of them, or even a veteran iPhone user, you have probably wondered how to see your stream of photos online. Luxogram provides you with the ability to use many of the interactive and social elements of Instagram on [...]

Instagram Filters

Hey Android, Instagram this!

You either love your Android phone or wish you had an iPhone. Either way, you don’t have Instagram…yet. This past weekend the company of the very popular photo-editing Instagram App announced they would be coming to Android. They haven’t announced when they will be coming, but when you visit their page you can mark your [...]


Change It Up on Instagram

Instagram can be one of the most time-consuming and fun ways to update your friends on your day-to-day activities, although it can also become routine and boring. Instagram should be u sed as a fun and creative way to let out your inner photographer and document your life, not a way to catch every personal [...]


Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercial introduces us to some great inventors

Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name. In this case, Best Buy’s new commercial helps us put a face and a name to some of the most popular recent inventions and apps. I thought this was a pretty clever way to advertise the fact they’ve “created a better way to buy a [...]


Digital Tools For The Long-Distance Relationship

The words “long-distance relationship” have always been known to be very daunting, for some people that is, until the Internet reshaped everything. Now, lovers can video chat with each other all over the world by clicking a button. But it takes more than just Skype to make love last. That’s why I’ve composed this list [...]

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Instagram’s Deeper Integration With Facebook

Instagram has done it again, and is now allowing its users who share their pictures on Facebook to display them in full size on their timelines or timelines of friends. Along with the full sized picture, the caption from the Instagram app on the iPhone will now show up underneath. It goes deeper by letting [...]

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Obama Now On Instagram

Just when I thought that this little app could not get any more buzz in the social media limelight, then President Obama downloads it. Obama’s presidential campaign joined Instagram as @BarackObama, adding to its expansive social media repertoire after the recent Iowa caucus. Campaign staff run the account, and in less than a day and [...]


Top Photo Editing Apps of 2011

Now that smarphones have evolved so rapidly, it is hard not to take pictures with your device whenever and where ever you may go. The convenience of having a camera at all times has lead to the development of apps to help people share their mobile experiences, and now in creative ways. I have composed [...]

Instaprint brings back the good old days of Polaroids

I’ve often wondered if one day there will be a self-help group for those addicted to Instagram, based off the extreme popularity of the photo app.  Thanks to Instagram and smartphones, we are now graced with pictures on blogs and social networking sites of every event attended, item purchased, meal prepared, and vacation milestone of [...]


Most Popular Stuff of 2011

For some reason people love top 10 lists, myself included. With the end of 2011 fast approaching lots of people and companies are putting out their own top lists of their favorite or most popular things of 2011. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more have all released their top 10 lists. I’ll start off [...]

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