Find Out Here If You Have A Data Cap On Your Home Internet

We’re all too familiar with the limits on wireless data plans, and the overages imposed by carriers if you exceed your allowed amount. What you probably didn’t know is, those data caps also exist on many home broadband internet services, as well. In many cases, they’re set high enough to only matter to the most [...]


Google Considering Launching Google Fiber In These 34 Cities

Just a year and a half after launching service in its first market, Kansas City, KS/MO, Google is exploring the realities of bringing Google Fiber to 34 new cities in nine states. Currently, residents of Kansas City and Provo, UT are the only netizens able to subscribe to the gigabit internet service from the world’s [...]


The Internet? This 1995 Article Doubts The “Trendy” Internet

A blog called Three World Chant dug up an old 1995 Newsweek article a while back titled “The Internet? Bah!” that says the internet is just a passing fad, and will never reach these hyped up levels of popularity and importance. Each year, the Internet grows and 2013 was no exception, so in this time [...]


These 10 Places Have The Fastest Internet In The World

Too often, I find myself complaining about slow Internet. At home, at the office, on the go. Sometimes, the frustration leads me to the logic that having no Internet at all would be better than what seems like 28.8k dial-up. According to Akamai Technologies, who publishes a quarterly Internet report with average peak connection speeds, [...]


YouTube Trends Map: Find Out Who Else Thinks Kittens Are Funny

Have you shared the “Riker sits down” video? According to YouTube’s Trends map, odds are that you have. This new service by YouTube (owned by Google) tells you what particular videos are not only trending, but where. Currently West Virginia is loving to share the Sad Cat Diary while Oregon is into “Welcome to the World of Portland” [...]


Why I Finally Signed Up For Free Wireless Internet From FreedomPop 4G

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. That’s almost always true. That’s also why I was skeptical about signing up for a service that claimed to give you free wireless 4G Internet every month. But, the investigative side of my brain was all over it, and I figured if [...]


VIDEO: This Is What The Internet Looked Like In 1995

The World Wide Web was just a baby in 1995 and because use of the Internet was exploding, there was a lot of fascination among the public about the world of possibilities that came with connecting their personal computers to the broader world via online services. Realizing that 1995 was now 18 years ago, there’s a lot [...]


Here’s What 10 Of The Internet’s Biggest Sites Looked Like 15 Years Ago

If you’ve never heard of the Wayback Machine, it’s essentially a “time machine” created by archive.org to take you back to different points in Internet history. It’s also a great time waster — you’ve been warned. I put together a list of 10 major websites and went back 15 years. A few of them didn’t [...]

Undersea Cabling

550,000 Miles Of Undersea Cabling Keeps The Internet Connected Across The Globe

You may have been under the assumption that all of our global internet needs were powered by satellite. And that is where you’d be wrong. Satellites only make up about 1% of the world’s current telecommunications traffic. The powerhouse responsible for connecting us globally comes from a source you probably never imagined possible – undersea cabling – [...]

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This Sword Detects Wi-Fi And You Can Build Your Own For Less Than $40

Years ago, the world was fair, the mountains tall, and we didn’t need WiFi at all. Now, we seek it everywhere we go. Thankfully, a blade called Sting has been modified to glow near WiFi. Looks like WiFi’s back on the menu, boys! Forged by the smiths of Gondolin, Sting accompanied Bilbo and Frodo Baggins throughout Middle Earth. In [...]

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