iOS App Review: Bike Baron

If you’re a fan of motorbikes, Bike Baron is for you! It’s a brand new app you can find on iTunes for a dollar and it’s worth every cent. Or, you can get it for free as a demo version. The only difference between the two is that the full version has tons more levels! [...]


The 2 Types of Apple Hardware Leaks…

So. If you follow the rumor sites there are always a few images that get leaked. An internal image like a microphone or camera cable, and a case design, or even the case itself. I have given quite a bit of thought as to why the blogs keep publishing these images. I think we all [...]


Bluetooth Toothbrush… Dental Monitoring on your iOS or Android device

What are the capabilities of your toothbrush? What features are built in? Probably not very many. Maybe it vibrates, and maybe it has a tongue scraper, but I bet it doesn’t have Bluetooth. Why would a toothbrush need Bluetooth? While it seems to be far-fetched, some folks figured it’s about time to monitor your dental [...]


HoverBar iPad Stand Turns Your iPad Into a Second Monitor

Twelve South, best known for its PlugBug charger and BookBook case, is at it again. This time, they’re taking their talents to pairing the iPad and iMac in beautiful matrimony. Their new product, the HoverBar, is an adjustable arm that holds the iPad connected to the iMac to use as a second screen. Many users [...]


iPad’s Hidden Keyboard Features

It has been months since iOS 5 came out and we have all had plenty of time to dive into its many features. One of my favorite features is the ability to split the keyboard so that I can easily type with my thumbs. Apple has slipped in a few hidden features into this keyboard [...]


iOS App Review: Paper Monsters!

Paper Monsters is an iOS app that is one of the most interesting games I’ve played. It’s also one of the best apps I’ve played. In Paper Monsters, you play as a young cardboard box hero who is the only hero that can save the world from the paper monsters and other bad guy stuff. [...]

Confirmed: iPad 3 will be announced March 7

Confirmed: iPad 3 will be announced March 7

The iPad 3 announcement date, previously rumored to be the first week in March,  has now been narrowed to March 7. Confirmed: Rene Ritchie on According to sources who have been reliable in the past, Apple currently plans to hold their iPad 3 announcement on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Jim “The Beard” Dalrymple doesn’t share [...]


iOS App Review: Mega Jump!

Mega Jump is free in the iTunes store and sometimes I can tell why. The game is hard. But, it can also be really fun. It’s totally worth the free download but it’s nearly impossible to progress and get to new levels. Levels cost coins and it’s hard to collect enough spending to coins to [...]


iOS App Review: Temple Run!

Being chased through an ancient temple by monkeys sounded like an adventure to me, so I decided to check out Temple Run! In Temple Run…Well…. Yeah, you run through a temple! I think it’s the first app that reminds me of an adventure like Indiana Jones. Who doesn’t want a chance to be like Indiana [...]

Pin It iPad

How To Create a Pin It Button on The iPad

It is true, I am a fan of Pinterest. At first I used the iPhone app for a bit but then discovered the using Pinterest in Safari was a much better expiernece. While there are a few limitations the only important ability that I really wanted to have other than viewing pins and boards was [...]

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