iOS 5.0.1 = Longer Battery Life

Alright folks Apple just released iOS 5.0.1, Go get it! This update contains improvements and other bug fixes including: -Fixes Bug affecting battery life -Adds multitasking gestures for original iPad -Resolves bugs w/ documents in the cloud -Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation The beauty of iOS 5 is the ability to update [...]

ZAGGflex Back side

Introducing ZAGGkeys FLEX: The Universal Tablet Keyboard And Stand

We’re excited to announce a new product to ZAGG’s keyboard family: The ZAGGkeys FLEX. The FLEX is a standalone keyboard and stand that is compatible with any tablet. It’s lightweight, portable, and effortless to use. It comes with a protective cover that converts into a secure stand that works in portrait or landscape mode. The Bluetooth keyboard [...]


Students and universities dream of digital books, but will it happen?

Tablets have been in every vision of the future I’ve seen. Imagine replacing your 20-pound textbook-loaded backpack with a 1.3-pound tablet. Digital textbooks will make this possible. Digital textbooks also offer a world of potential beyond just words and pictures. Students everywhere have been dreaming about this. It’s time to make the dream come true. [...]


Review: Apple TV plays your media wirelessly and effortlessly

Here’s why: It’s insanely easy to put music or videos up. But you don’t need an iPhone or iPad to use it. You can stream videos straight from sites like Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, or even the Wallstreet Journal. You can also stream videos and music from any computer. If it’s on the same network and [...]


Gmail on the iPhone? Yes please!

For years iPhone users have only had two options to access their Gmail. They either had to use the email client built in to the iPhone or use the Gmail web app. For the most part these functioned great but were still missing a few key features of Gmail. Google has taken their favorite features [...]

Wanna Be An iOS Game Programmer? Check Out Codify

Making stuff on your iPad is impossible. The iPad is a consumption device. Enter Codify. Codify for iPad lets you create games and simulations — or just about any visual idea you have. Turn your thoughts into interactive creations that make use of iPad features like Multi-Touch and the accelerometer. Pretty cool, and a ton [...]

iMessage waiting for reply notification

iMessage, 3 reasons it has changed my life

iOS 5 added a new app to the mobile OS called iMessage. As part of this release iPod Touch and iPad users are now able to send unlimited text messages to other iMessage users. At first I didn’t think that this service was going to make that big of an impact in my life but [...]


Marketshare of Android Tablets Shipped vs iPads Sold

I feel like this conversation is never ending. Android tablets have virtually no presence in actual consumers. Kevin Tofel asked about a 26.9 Android Tablet “market share” reported by Strategy Analytics. I asked Strategy Analytics to clarify both of those points and received the following email response from Neil Mawston, the analyst who wrote the [...]


Is Newsstand the game-changer publishers wanted when the first iPad was announced?

When iOS 5 came out, my Twitter stream was filled with users who were trying to get rid of Newsstand on their homescreen. I thought for sure it would be a dud. It turns out I follow a lot of techie guys and girls. For most of us it’s annoying, but for non-power users “it [...]

Apple Something for everyone-1

Why is Apple dominating? They have a product for everyone

Ten years ago Apple announced the first iPod. Since then they have released a plethora of products. I am sure Apple knows its potential and has worked hard to dominate the market in all areas. With a recent phone release and other price drops there is at least one apple product that everyone could use [...]

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