iOS 5 Upgrades the Apps You Already Have

Calendar App – Touch and Add Super basic functionality that seems so intuitive, I can’t believe they haven’t had this before. You just need to tap on the time you want to set an appointment and drag if you want it longer. Maps App – Alternate Routes Who the heck hasn’t wanted this!? performs [...]


How To: Delete Photos from Photo Stream in iCloud.

Photo Stream is a feature in Apple’s new iCloud which allows Apple users to wirelessly sync photos and video between multiple idevices. The service lets you take a picture on your iPhone or iPad 2 running iOS 5 and have it uploaded automatically to your Photo Stream folder. The photos are then made available on [...]


Split Keyboard On iOS 5 For iPad Speeds Things Up

Split Keyboard With iOS 5, iPad gains the ability to not only undock the keyboard and slide it up as high as your little heart can hope, but to split it apart for easier thumb-typing. It works well for both portrait and landscape, but is definitely a better option. Not a Physical Keyboard Obviously if [...]

Facebook iPad

Facebook for iPad Now Available!

After much waiting, Facebook has finally released its iPad application. This is great news for all who have struggled through the web version in Safari or dealt with using the bad graphics in the iPhone version at 2x. Facebook is promoting the app with these following features. A hands-on Facebook Use your fingertips to scroll [...]


Disney’s “AppMATes” Toys Interact With iPad Screen

Cars 2, which apparently did very well in the box office, is soon going to make an appearance on a screen near you: the iPad. Disney’s AppMATes iPad app is a game that interacts with physical car toys that you place on the iPad screen. Remember the days when we had to use our imagination to [...]

lilypad battery

LilyPad iPad Case Offers 12 Days Battery Life

Remember paper-thin printable solar panels? Well, people are starting to make some pretty cool things with them, like the LilyPad. The LilyPad is a solar-powered iPad case that promises 12 ½ days straight of blissful iPad use. It has an extra battery built-in to make this possible. There are two reasons why you might need [...]

The Newest and Most Innovative Tablet – (via Dwight Schrute)

Do you watch the Office? Because for a tech geek, and gadget lover, this is one of the best scenes in the history of the series. On Thursday night’s episode of the NBC show The Office, viewers got a surprise laugh when character Dwight Schrute introduced us to Dunder Mifflin-Sabre’s new tablet, The Pyramid. So [...]


Check Out This: iPhone 5 Rumor Summary Infographic

Zagg Blog writers are always watching tech news. Combined, it seems like we read and re-read every rumor – especially iPhone 5 rumors. In the few months before any Apple product launch, there is an internet explosion of speculation and predictions about the device. It can be fun to see all the rumors. The iPhone [...]


This Is The Kindle Fire By Amazon

The Kindle Fire was officially unveiled by Amazon today. The first table device that many believe could be a real competitor for the iPad. It’s not some much the functionality that will help the Kindle Fire sale well – which is far more restricted than the iPad – but the fact that it is cheaper [...]


Chart: Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet Vs. Other Tablets

Amazon just announced its new Kindle Fire Tablet. It comes with a lot of features that a tablet should have, and it costs only $200. But how does it stack up against other tablets? Gizmodo put together the following chart… Click here to see a larger version of the chart. Now the question remains, will you buy [...]

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