Livescribe Smart Pens

If you’ve never heard of Livescribe before, then you should take a look at this really cool pen.  This pen records what you write, draw, and hear.  Then, you can upload these things (Notes you take, drawings you do, and things you hear) to your computer and share them on the internet, etc. It’s a [...]

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Military-Grade Apps

Picture this. You are out with your special forces platoon. The enemy is within sight, but has not yet detected your position. You need to be able to get closer to see just how many of them there are, but don’t want to chance being seen. You’ve launched your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and it [...]


Tablets you haven’t really heard of…yet

With all of this talk of the iPad 2 and the Motorola XOOM, one would wonder if there were any other tablets out there. Rest easy anxious readers, there are indeed. I’m going to cover a few here with what details are available to whet your tablet appetite. Galaxy Tab 8.9: So, the reason you [...]


iTunes to offer unlimited downloads

Apple is apparently trying to negotiate with various record labels to offer unlimited song downloads. Thus, if you were to purchase a song, you would be able to download that song onto your various devices, without any of the current frustrating restrictions. I have recently frustrated by this as around 50 of my recently purchased [...]

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iPad 2: You need ZAGG

ZAGG wants you to know that in this cruel, cruel world, your gadgets are not safe. Okay, maybe its not everyday that your iPad may accidentally (or on purpose) be shot by a shotgun, but still, please geek out responsibly. That is at least the message being sent by ZAGG’s latest video on YouTube featuring 5 [...]

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WiFi Only Motorola XOOM

Yes, a WiFi only Motorola XOOM is finally making its debut to reality on March 27th for $599. To quote a tweet from the soon to be departing Engadget EIC, Joshua Topolsky, “should have been announced on day one.” I’d tend to agree as this tablet’s number one competitor, the iPad, has a price tag [...]


Worthwhile iPad 2 Games

One of the coolest things (if not the coolest thing) about the new iPad 2 is the graphics-processing power it has.  Much faster than its predecessor as far as gaming goes, the iPad 2 is a tablet gamer’s delight.  If you just purchased an iPad 2 (or are planning on getting one) there are several [...]


Texting At Night=Bad Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, using a technological communications device within the hour before you go to sleep is ruining peoples’ sleep.  This includes a gamut of things, like texting people before you sleep (omg I’m about to go to sleep lol), watching movies on your iPad, staring at your Facebook notification icon waiting [...]


The iPad 2 Has Guts

Now that the iPad 2 has officially been released and those lucky few who have obtained theirs are in nerdvana, it’s time to take a look at what is under the hood of this new tablet beast.  Lines to buy an iPad 2 are still as long as ever and the iPad 2 is almost [...]


Technology to Teach Toddlers

Technology will always continue its slow and steady march into our lives, but one of the more recent developments has been the introduction of tech toys into the learning environment. While it is certainly not too far-fetched to picture high school and middle school students using laptops and other various tech items for schoolwork, children [...]

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