The iPad Mini has a face. Leaked pictures of the fully assembled iPad Mini

And, now we have a leak of the full iPad Mini with it’s rounded edges, more narrow bezel, and 8” form factor. The Amazon Fall Kindle event made me very excited for a smaller form factor tablet. I purchased a Kindle Fire when they first released, and it has since been a ‘Paperweight Kindle’. When [...]


Here’s a video of a working iPhone 5

Cult of Mac reported: According to MIC Gadget, the iPhone 5 was “accidentally” discovered in Foxconn’s Jincheng factory, which basically means it was smuggled out and is stolen property. Whatever the provenance, though, it seems to be legit: the official first sighting of a working iPhone 5 in the wild. Time will tell if this [...]


Play ‘iPhone Announcement Bingo’ during the event on the 12th


The Latest Rumors: Here’s What The New iPhone Will Look Like [Photo and Video]

While we’re still two weeks away from any official news from Apple, here’s what the tech blogs are reporting the new iPhone will look like. The latest comparison pictures for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 MacRumor’s ‘New iPhone 4-inch Screen in Action’ video is impressive. Image Source: nowhereelse.fr


The New iPhone’s 4-Inch Screen In Action [Video]

In case you haven’t been on MacRumors today, they produced an excellent concept video of just what the new iPhone 5′s screen will look like in action. Check out the video below for a look at widescreen gaming and videos, as well as what apps will look like before and after they’re optimized for the [...]


The latest comparison pictures for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the new iPhone are exactly what we wanted to see

If you’re into comparison pictures and rumor sites, then the latest gallery of pictures from nowhereelse.fr should give you goosebumps. Fully assembled I should specify that it doesn’t appear (based on build quality) that the fully assembled new iPhone was put together by a machine or an accurate hand. It looks rather dishevled actually. However, [...]

iPad Case Holder Car cup iphone

The iPad automobile cupholder mount…

Auto iPad Stand  You have a car. You have a center console. You have a cup holder. You have an iPad. Why not put them all together? I’ve seen a few iterations of this, but most of them fall short to me because they cut down on your space too much. This one does a [...]


The new iPhone connector cable looks like it’s from the future

There has been a constant stream of part leaks for the next iPhone. French sites, chinese sites, and even brazillian sites are all getting in on the part leak train. New parts that have leaked include the speakers, the headset jack, and of course the backplate and glass panel. Two of the more recent parts [...]


T-Mobile will be selling ‘against’ the iPhone. Not getting it — again.

Those of us who like to keep our phone bills cheap have either moved to Sprint, or are holding out hope for a T-Mobile iPhone. It seems the hold will continue, because the new training program at T-Mobile is setting September sales goals to sell ‘against’ the iPhone. Perhaps it’s coincidental that the information for [...]

iPhone iPad Event Not Together

The iPad Mini Won’t Be Announced With The New iPhone

The Posit John Gruber had a spotlight post just days ahead of a few big news outlets breaking that the iPad would be announced a few weeks after the rumored September 12th iPhone event. ”I’m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events. First, an iPhone event, focused solely on the new [...]

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