Galaxy S4 Unboxed: First Impressions

For those of you who’ve followed me here on ZAGGblog (or Twitter) for a while now, you’ll remember today as the day that hell froze over. Yes, I put my trusty iPhone 5 back in its box and jumped ship for the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Only time will tell if it’ll be a long-lasting [...]


Lemon Wallet for iPhone Digitizes Your Entire Wallet [Free App]

Let’s face it: our phones aren’t really phones anymore. Think of all the things your iPhone or Android mobile devices replace in your daily life. Things like your alarm clock, a digital camera, an MP3 player, a day planner, stopwatch, GPS for your car — the list could go on forever. And the latest trend [...]


If Apple’s Next iPhone Is Made Of Plastic, It Could Look Like This

There’s long been talk about Apple making a cheaper, stripped down iPhone to focus on emerging markets and budget-minded consumers who prefer prepaid wireless plans but can’t spring for the $650+ entry-level cost of an un-subsidized iPhone. Rumors center around the unannounced device being made of plastic, similar to the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. Using [...]


This One Image Shows How The iPhone’s Camera Has Evolved Over The Years [PHOTO]

The imgur photo below shows how iPhone’s camera has improved over the years:


US Cellular Customers: The iPhone Is Coming

In it’s quarterly earnings call last Friday, U.S. Cellular told investors they’ll be adding Apple products – specifically the iPhone – to their device lineup later this year. She didn’t specify when we could expect to see it, but made a point to say that her company is losing customers without it. It makes sense, [...]


This iPhone App Might Be The Best And Easiest Way To Track Your Physical Fitness

If there’s one thing we use our phones for these days, it’s keeping track of health and fitness. You’ve probably seen your Facebook friends keeping track of their run times with apps like MapMyRun or Run Keeper. From counting calories to counting steps, your phone is likely the one thing you always have within arms [...]


Google Now Finally Comes To iPhone And iPad

If you have the Google Search app on your iPhone or iPad, make sure to get the update to version 3.0, available in the AppStore today. It includes Google Now, which was previously only available for Android devices. Google Now is one of the big things I like about Android, so being available on my [...]


Yahoo’s New Weather App For iOS Is Gorgeous

Yahoo! just launched a beautifully designed Weather app for iPhone. It’s free and available in the App Store. You should go download it. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. Be sure to say hello! You can also keep up with Mike on his personal blog: MikeBeauchamp.me, on Facebook, or [...]


Hands On: This Gadget Lets You Monitor And Diagnose Your Car With Your Phone or Tablet

For the car enthusiasts among us, this gadget is worth checking out. It’s called iOBD2 and it’s made to work with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. I’ve been using it for about a month and I’ve come to appreciate a lot of what it provides. They’ve recently updated the app with more functionality (including Landscape [...]


Which smartphone would you absolutely never buy? This survey has the results.

There’s never been a time where you’ve had more choice about the device you carry with you everywhere, everyday. Yet, we as consumers typically gravitate towards one brand or platform of choice, while shutting out the others. This poll found that 19% of people would absolutely never buy an iPhone. Roughly 1 in 5 people. [...]

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