Khan Academy app now available for iPhone

Earlier this year, Khan Academy, the web-based provider of thousands of videos that help people learn more about a range of topics from math to science to history, released an iPad app for iOS users to access the site’s videos. This week, for the first time, that app is also available on the iPhone and [...]


Chevy to be first automaker to include Siri “Eyes Free” Tech in 2013 Vehicles

GM announced that 2013 models of the Chevy Sonic and Chevy Spark will include “Eyes Free” mode, integrating iPhone’s Siri functionality right into the steering wheel, as part of their myLink in-car connectivity system. At Apple’s WWDC event in June, the company discussed a new type of partnership: one with automakers. Its purpose was simple: [...]


NTSB is the latest government agency to drop BlackBerry for iPhone

The National Transportation Safety Board, the government agency that investigates aviation accidents, will move completely away from BlackBerry, choosing the iPhone 5 as their smartphone of choice. It is also extending its contracts with Verizon. The NTSB is the latest U.S. Government agency to give RIM’s BlackBerry the boot. In a public filing last week, [...]


Watch Apple’s latest iPhone 5 Ads: Orchestra and Turkey

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, this new iPhone 5 ad seems fitting. It shows off Shared Photo Streams, which I wrote in length about back in September. Check it out. The second ad shows off the noise cancelling microphone of the iPhone 5. Personally, I think the ad is a bit stale and it doesn’t do much [...]


Here’s a $90 iPhone dock made out of solid aluminum

One of the best docks I’ve ever seen for the iPhone is the Elevation dock. It works well and only requires a cable. That means you can even use it with a ZAGGSparq (which is how I use it at my office). Adapters The Kickstarter project was amazingly successful. You can buy the Elevation Dock [...]


$179 lens turns your iPhone into a microscope

If I had to pick only one thing I really love about the iPhone, it’s the camera. I can document my entire life and the world around me in clear, crisp quality with just the iPhone. Many accessories are out there that utilize the camera however, Scalar Japan has upped the ante of lens accessories [...]


Camera+ Gets Big iPhone Update; Makes the Best even Better

iPhoneographers rejoice: Camera+ just shipped a brand spanking new update, and it’s a good one. It packs lots of new, advanced features for the photo geeks in all of us. If you aren’t already using Camera+ on your iPhone, pause in reading this post and get it here: AppStore. It’s been sold more than 9 [...]


If you have an iPhone and give a lot of presentations, this gadget/app set is currently $10 off

The prevalence of smartphones has allowed for some really nifty gadgets and apps that seem to make everyday life so much easier and more efficient. Satechi has created a little device that combines the separate gadgets needed to give a good presentation all through an iPhone. The X-Pointer has a built in laser pointer that [...]


Lantronix print server allows Air Print from iOS devices to office printers

At home, you can choose which printer you use. You can buy a printer that is capable of Air Print in case you have iOS devices. At the office, it’s not so easy. Enter XPrintServer The basic idea is that you can connect the server to printers, and then print directly from the native menu [...]


For $1,700 a Minnesota company allows you to choose the color of every part of your iPhone 5

ColorWare Inc. started in 2000 with “the concept of transforming the ubiquitous beige computer into a custom-colored work of art. The idea began with an attempt to color a late-model cell phone.” Today, the company is applying its knowledge and technology to the customization of the iPhone 5. ColorWare’s website allows you to choose the [...]

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