iPhone is officially coming to T-Mobile in 2013 [confirmed]

This might just be the tweet heard ’round the world. Good news for all you T-Mobile customers: its parent company, Deutsche Telekom announced this morning that they’ve signed an agreement with Apple to start selling Apple products in the U.S. beginning in 2013. There was no mention of specific products or dates of availability, but [...]


Snapseed for Android: The best photo editor in the Play Store

You’ve heard me rave about Snapseed before – it’s one of my top recommended apps, ever. Snapseed is, hands down, the most capable photo editor you’ll find on a mobile device. It’s been available for iPhone and iPad for a while, but never on Android. That changes today. Just an hour ago, Snapseed went live [...]


New iPhone case is also a compact mirror

The Glaze, a new iPhone 5 case by iFrogz, opens up to reveal a compact mirror. The case is costs $34.99 with free shipping included. Click here for more information on The Glaze.


How To: Use Passbook To Share Your Business Card

More and more companies continue to roll out enhanced services and features with Passbook integration for iOS devices. This service seems like the next logical progress: business cards. Whether for yourself as an individual (freelancers!) or for your entire company, the folks at Vizibility now enable you to share your contact information, social network profiles, [...]


What does Facebook’s Photo Sync mean for you?

When you open the Facebook app on your iPhone today, you’ll see a small announcement at the top of your News Feed telling you about Photo Sync. If you’re a Google Plus user, you’ve had this functionality since the beginning of time; the photos you take on your Android phone are automatically uploaded to your [...]


Could the iPhone finally be coming to T-Mobile?

The nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier has seen its customers leave and its profits dip because it doesn’t carry the iPhone. One analyst thinks that may change, predicting an announcement as early as next week. We’re not holding our breaths; analysts are wrong more times than they are right. But if Scott Craig  from Merrill Lynch [...]


Khan Academy app now available for iPhone

Earlier this year, Khan Academy, the web-based provider of thousands of videos that help people learn more about a range of topics from math to science to history, released an iPad app for iOS users to access the site’s videos. This week, for the first time, that app is also available on the iPhone and [...]


Chevy to be first automaker to include Siri “Eyes Free” Tech in 2013 Vehicles

GM announced that 2013 models of the Chevy Sonic and Chevy Spark will include “Eyes Free” mode, integrating iPhone’s Siri functionality right into the steering wheel, as part of their myLink in-car connectivity system. At Apple’s WWDC event in June, the company discussed a new type of partnership: one with automakers. Its purpose was simple: [...]


NTSB is the latest government agency to drop BlackBerry for iPhone

The National Transportation Safety Board, the government agency that investigates aviation accidents, will move completely away from BlackBerry, choosing the iPhone 5 as their smartphone of choice. It is also extending its contracts with Verizon. The NTSB is the latest U.S. Government agency to give RIM’s BlackBerry the boot. In a public filing last week, [...]


Watch Apple’s latest iPhone 5 Ads: Orchestra and Turkey

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, this new iPhone 5 ad seems fitting. It shows off Shared Photo Streams, which I wrote in length about back in September. Check it out. The second ad shows off the noise cancelling microphone of the iPhone 5. Personally, I think the ad is a bit stale and it doesn’t do much [...]

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