Video: Every word Apple has used to describe the iPhone since 2007

Video: Every word Apple has used to describe the iPhone since 2007

I think I’m seeing a few patterns here…

limit ad tracking

The iPhone 5 can help you limit mobile ad tracking.

Nestled deep in iOS 6 settings is the ability for a user to block ad tracking that lets advertising networks deliver relevant ads across multiple apps. Settings -> General -> About The setting is a single option: ‘Limit Ad Tracking’. Under the setting is an explanation: iOS 6 introduces the Advertising Identifier, a non-permanent, non-personal, [...]


iPhone + Polaroid = Instant Photo Lab

If you ride the line between the analog and digital world, this Kickstarter project is one you’ll likely be interested in. The brilliant minds behind Impossible Instant Lab have created a device, not unlike a Polaroid camera, that will transform digital photos stored on your iPhone into a physical print in seconds, courtesy of Polaroid [...]


T-Mobile hopes its iPhone “business” will soon be booming

Our friends at Magenta released some details on their blog about their plans to pursue iPhone customers yesterday. They’re the only major U.S. carrier not to [officially] carry the iPhone and it seems that they’re tired of losing customers (read: money) to their competitors over it. In Q1, T-Mobile gained 187,000 customers, but quickly shed [...]

HP Spectre One – Engadget Galleries

HP Introduces The Spectre, Looks Like Something We’ve Seen Before

The one bright side of manufacturers ripping off Apple’s products is that we end up with much more beautiful hardware. There have been multiple posts showing the changes in phones since the iPhone, or laptops since the MacBook Air. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought we needed a post showing the changes in all-in-ones since [...]


Bath Ball Speaker: Take your iPhone into the shower with you safely

Sometimes shower time is thinking to myself time. Other times, I like to listen to podcasts. I’ve always worried that the iPhone would get damaged from the steam in the bathroom. Ontama – Bathball Coming out of Japan is the Ontama. It’s a small round speaker and case. It plays the sound from your MP3 [...]


The iPad Mini will have a rounded edge

Like I said yesterday, the latest leaked backplate looks to me as if the device will have more rounded edges than the current iPads and iPod touches. I expect a similar feel to the first generation iPhone – which is actually an aesthetic I personally miss. The pictures show a number of details of the [...]

antisec releases iphone million

AntiSec published 1,000,001 iPhone UDID codes… Did they publish yours?

AntiSec has released over a million iPhone device IDs that they claimed they obtained while ‘auditing’ the FBI. The report on is rather hard to read, but includes this quote explaining where the files came from: During the second week of March 2012, a Dell Vostro notebook, used by Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. [...]


Play ‘iPhone Announcement Bingo’ during the event on the 12th

ny blog

These 3 Apps Will Help You Take the Best Photos with Your iPhone

When I first got my hands on the iPhone 4, I, along with many others, knew it’s camera would change the digital photography landscape. That went even further with the iPhone 4S, when Apple upped the resolution, added additional optics, a larger sensor, and more dedicated processing power for the camera. I finally ditched my [...]

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