If you have an iPhone and give a lot of presentations, this gadget/app set is currently $10 off

The prevalence of smartphones has allowed for some really nifty gadgets and apps that seem to make everyday life so much easier and more efficient. Satechi has created a little device that combines the separate gadgets needed to give a good presentation all through an iPhone. The X-Pointer has a built in laser pointer that [...]


Lantronix print server allows Air Print from iOS devices to office printers

At home, you can choose which printer you use. You can buy a printer that is capable of Air Print in case you have iOS devices. At the office, it’s not so easy. Enter XPrintServer The basic idea is that you can connect the server to printers, and then print directly from the native menu [...]


For $1,700 a Minnesota company allows you to choose the color of every part of your iPhone 5

ColorWare Inc. started in 2000 with “the concept of transforming the ubiquitous beige computer into a custom-colored work of art. The idea began with an attempt to color a late-model cell phone.” Today, the company is applying its knowledge and technology to the customization of the iPhone 5. ColorWare’s website allows you to choose the [...]


Why haven’t you set up Find my iPhone?

Too often, I see friends and people I follow on Twitter post about losing their phone. Or worse, about it being stolen. It happened again this morning, which is what inspired this post. More times than not, people end up doing one of two things: buying a new phone outright (from their carrier, possibly, or [...]


The New Instagram Web Profiles Are Sweet

Just three months ago, Instagram rolled out a major update to the layout of user profiles on their mobile app. Now, finally, they’ve launched the last piece to the puzzle: web profiles. They started rolling them out earlier this week and by now, most of you should see your new web profile by going to [...]


Awesome iPhone Concept: Expandable app icons

Max Rudberg has merged the concept of the living home screens of Windows Phone and Android with the iPhone to create a very interesting take on expandable app icons in iOS. Max’s description of the idea’s overall functionality is both efficient and space saving: In this concept, an app icon can be resized from 1×1 [...]

softbank clearwire sprint carrier us deal japan smartphone iphone android

Details: SoftBank acquires Sprint

Sprint is making some moves. At the beginning of the week, Sprint and SoftBank (a Japanese carrier) confirmed a $20.1 billion acquisition. The deal came with some stiff stipulations, but basically, SoftBank bought a controlling share of the company’s stock. They paid $8 billion in newly-issued shares, and $12.1 billion in existing shares. They own [...]

aereo watch tv internet on iphone mac pc

Aereo is a cable network killer in New York, that might die before it gets its chance to get to you

There is indeed a startup that wants to put broadcast television on more than just your TV via the internet. The service is called Aereo. They have launched for the people of New York. For those in the area, live TV is available on the Mac, PC in addition to iOS, Apple TV, and Roku. [...]

belkin apple iphone baby monitor wifi

Belkin Announced a new Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with iOS App

Haven’t exactly heard amazing things about the WeMo Home Automation system. Gizmodo certainly didn’t like it. However, the reviews on Amazon seem to be telling me that the firmware updates have fixed the bulk of the bugs. The new WeMo Baby monitor is a new Wi-Fi enabled microphone. The system isn’t very expensive at $90 [...]


ASUS Announces Second Generation Padfone

This week has been all about tablet announcements. The Surface became available for preorder, the iPad Mini announcements were sent out, and ASUS didn’t want to miss out. The ASUS Padfone Boost The ASUS Padfone got an all-around spec boost for the second generation. The display for the phone was increased to a Super IPS+ [...]

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