Day Maker Turns Your iPhone Into a Pop-Tart to Wake You Up

Kickstarter is always a fun place to find cool projects. Even if they may not get funded, it is a great place to find cool ideas by interesting people. The Day Maker is an alarm clock with one goal – make waking up a little bit more fun. I have been reading a lot lately [...]


Apple’s Secret iPhone Features – Hackery, but no jailbreaking required

Here are some secrets that require some hackery, but not jailbreaking. Apple buried some secrets in the iPhone’s OS that include an alternate keyboard that includes spelling suggestions, and a panorama mode for the camera. Spelling suggestions on the iPhone I’ve heard good and bad things about this keyboard. For users who want spelling predictions [...]


Death of SMS – Is Facebook Messenger the Murderer? (via @jkhowland)

The New York Times Bits blog recently posted an article regarding the results of a telecommunications consulting firm report. A research note last Friday reported that “based on measured minutes of use, smartphone users were spending more time on Facebook and thus probably sending more messages with it’s service than they are text messages.” Real [...]


The Mobile Box Office Will Change How You Go To Concerts

Have you been to an indy concert recently? Any kind of live event for that matter? You might run into a situation where you need to go throught he box office, and it takes some time. In fact, at an indy concert I went to recently there was only one person manning the pay booth [...]


Is the iPhone the answer to T-Mobile’s problems? (by @jkhowland)

The small mobile carriers aren’t the only one desperate for the iPhone. I had the iPhone on T-Mobile for a few years, and I can tell you that the internal memo suggesting “poor customer experience” wasn’t far off. Making Changes It sounds like T-Mobile would like to change that. The nation’s No.4 carrier is working [...]

Nex-Tech Wireless | Facebook

More Small Carriers Picking Up The iPhone

Remember last month when a number of small U.S. carriers began to offer the iPhone for the first time? Small Mobile Carriers With the iPhone As of April 20th, six carriers in Virginia, Alaska, Kentucky and Wisconsin launched the iPhone. They are all CDMA carriers, and although the increase is exciting, it still only represent [...]


MetalDock’s iPhone Dock Doubles As An Alarm Clock And Looks Awesome

We all love aesthetically pleasing products. That’s why we choose the phone we choose, it’s why the new Apple products are doing so well, and why companies like Samsung are copying them. Accessory makers are trying to use some aesthetics in their design as well. Bracketron The new MetalDock Charging Dock for the iPhone 4 [...]

PS Vita Skype

Skype comes to the Vita

With the PS Vita gaining more and more popularity throughout the world today, it’s not surprising to see an application that would make it even more of a hot item. Recently, it was announced that Skype will soon be available for the PS Vita. It has been announced the this app will be free through [...]

ios android design

Wired: Why iOS Apps Look Better Than Android Apps

Wired ran a feature this week on why the exact same app can look so much better on iOS than it does on Google’s Android platform. And before you get up in arms, read along to find out why that is, or check out Wired’s article for a trove of screenshots and explanations. But the [...]


Bookmark Places with Matchbook [app]

Imagine that you just moved to live downtown in a big city. You’re unfamiliar with where things are but you are anxious to explore and find some favorite places to eat and shop as well as a dry cleaner, grocery store, etc. In a large city, how do you remember all of the places that [...]

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