3 More Features Mountain Lion Is Taking From iOS (via @jkhowland)

There are a few more features Mountain Lion is taking from iOS. Dictation Dictation on the Mac works just like the iPhone. It lets you speak into the built-in microphone and converts it to text. In fact, if you say ‘comma’ or ‘exclamation point,’ Dictation will punctuate for you. Dictation is likely using the same [...]


Apple’s New Maps Icon May Kill You

Good luck driving off of that bridge. Does this give you a lot of confidence in the turn-by-turn directions that the iOS 6 Maps app will be giving you? Caleb Hicks Caleb is a teacher, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. He teaches kids (and his Mom) how to use computers for fun and profit. He loves [...]


Never feel bored or be without a plan with new app Weotta Go (by @ashmo6)

Picture this: you and your friends make plans that fall through. You find yourself with extra time during the day. You’re bored out of your mind. If you have experienced any or all of these situations before, do I have a solution for you! Weotta Go, a new iPhone app from plan making website creator [...]

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Apple has paid app developers over $5 billion for App Store sales. Here’s a list of things you can buy with $5 billion

Tim Cook announced in Monday’s keynote that iOS developers have been paid over $5 billion for App Store sales. Wow. For fun, I put together a list of things you can buy with 5 billion dollars: 162 Gulfstream 550 private jets. All of IKEA’s combined profits from 2009 and 2010. The entire New York Yankees [...]


The Long-Awaited Official Infinity Blade: Dungeons Gameplay Video

Part of Apple’s iPad 3 announcement in March included a quick demo of Epic Games’ Infinity Blade: Dungeons title. This new game continues the story of the Infinity Blade series, but changes the gameplay from a slash-in-between-cut-scenes to a full fledged RPG walk-about. It’s been ‘Coming Soon’ ever since. I suspected the game would be [...]


Tactus Techology can give your favorite touchscreen buttons (via @jkhowland)

Elegance meet aesthetics ‘For years people believed that touch screens were flat. They were wrong’. At SID Display Week 2012 in Boston this week, Tactus Technology is showing off its next-gen mobile tactile tech. The technology idea is simple: physical buttons rise out of the surface of a touchscreen. The future of touch I’ve read [...]


Apple is carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat (via @jkhowland)

There were rumors that Apple would be carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat, and it seems they were true. The device is available on the Apple online store for $249.95. It’s not quite in physical stores yet, but it seems to be on it’s way. The Nest device was designed by a team of former Apple [...]


Why I feel like writing a love letter to Apple (by @TySpace)

I was taking a walk this weekend, just thinking about things, and it hit me: I love Apple. And this revelation wasn’t just something simple like a sudden realization that I really enjoy using my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro, rather, it was like the floodgates of reasons I love Apple opened up in my [...]

iPhone Physical Keyboard

Finally, a solution for those who want a physical keyboard for the iPhone (by @TySpace)

The debate over whether the iPhone would be better off with a physical keyboard has raged since the introduction of the first iPhone more than four years ago, and has been as vigorous as debates such as cats vs. dogs, Coke vs. Pepsi, and Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Some say the virtual, touch-screen keyboard [...]


The Industrial iPhone Bumper With Built In Stand

I love to peruse the Kickstarter projects for sweet new designs. This is the first time I’ve found a pre-announced Kickstarter project: The Idostand. I love the industrial glass and metal of the iPhone. I don’t like to cover it up with anything but an Invisible Shield. In some situations, I have a bumper for [...]

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