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PSA campaign to stop people from making vertical smartphone videos [FUNNY]

Save this image. Next time you see someone filming vertically, show it to him or her. Let’s work together and lick this all too common mistake. Image: Reddit Caleb Hicks Caleb is a teacher, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. He teaches kids (and his Mom) how to use computers for fun and profit. He loves to [...]

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It’s Legal: Police may seize your phone and impersonate you

Be careful the next time you send personal information in a text message, you might be surprised who’s on the other end. In November 2009, police in Washington seized an iPhone belonging to Daniel Lee, who was suspected of being a drug dealer. While the phone was in the custody of the police, officers not [...]

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Afraid of radiation? Check out this infographic and find your phone’s radiation output

Since the inception of the cell phone, radiation has been a major concern for customers. Tawkon, an Android app that aims to help users limit their exposure to cell phone radiation, has produced this infographic: The phone with the lowest radiation exposure on the infographic is the Samsung Galaxy S III, at .34 w/kg. The [...]


Coming Soon: Sensors That Allow You To Measure Anything

A team of three amazingly smart geeks (and I mean that in the highest sense of the word) have teamed up to create a multi-sensor device that interfaces with your Android and iPhone. It’s called the Sensordrone. What’s that mean in english? You can measure temperature, humidity and a host of other things on your [...]

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The Perfect Beach Towel For Gadget Lovers

Click here to enter the Carrie Underwood Concert Giveaway Check out this amazing and stylish beach towel that provides just the right amount of comfort with a combination of essential features. TowelMate’s Ultimate Beach Towel is made of 100% pure cotton velour and comes in four signature prints and solids. This two-sided, 70” long towel [...]


The Wildfire Suite of Apps from @FireWhat aims to keep you safe and informed

It’s already been a record breakingly hot summer in the lower 48 with no signs a cool down in the near future. And, if you live in one of the more fire-prone areas of the country, hot means dry and dry means fire danger. Several fires have already swept across parts of the country this summer, [...]


Use your iOS device to play retro games on your TV (by @TrevMcKendrick)

Who doesn’t like an awesome retro video game? Turns out there are tons available for the iPhone, and there’s even a mobile console that you can use as a controller that the iPhone plugs into. It’s awesome, and brings back true Game Boy memories. But one company thought that wasn’t quite enough. Sure, the Game [...]


Do you like group pictures of people clapping? Then maybe Snap Clap is for you

Do you like group pictures of people clapping? Yeah? Then maybe Snap Clap is for you. Timer camera apps have been around for a while. In fact, I have a few on my phone. Snap Clap takes a new approach: Clap On, Clap Off With Snap Clap, you can set your iPhone somewhere and rejoin [...]

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Create Your Best iPhone Pictures With These Apps

As they say, the best camera is the one that you have with you. Smart phones manufacturers are packing in better cameras with each release, and users are uploading terabytes of photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr every day. ReadWriteWeb recently published a roundup of the 9 best photo filter apps to make mobile photos [...]

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CellScope: Diagnosing Ear Infections With Your iPhone

Each year, 30 million medical visits in the U.S. are due to pediatric ear infections. That’s why a startup company called CellScope has developed a device that can help make home diagnostics a reality. The device connects to the iPhone to produce a magnified view inside the ear, from which users can capture and upload [...]

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