AIRE mask: You breathe into it and it charges your iPhone

It’s about time you put all that breathing to good use. With the invention of the smartphone brought the necessity for creativity in keeping the dang thing powered, considering how quickly smartphones drain the battery. A new concept design from Joao Paulo Lammaglia uses the power of your breath to recharge your iPhone. The user [...]


Is the Galaxy Note a phone? – via @jkhowland

I read a post on Android and Me that just blew my mind. First, because he was hesitant to link to a BGR post by Jonathan Geller. Second, because he thought that by linking to BGR, he was giving them ‘exposure’. And third, because he thinks we (iPhone customers) don’t like the note because it [...]

Picture 13

Use These Apps To Plan Your Night Out

Since smartphones are in abundance these days, I figured it would be appropriate to assemble a list of different mobile apps to use when planning your weekend itinerary or night out on the town. CabSense – How to catch a cab in NYC like a pro! To start off with, cabs are a necessity for [...]

speaking terms siri

Are You Still on Speaking Terms With Siri?

If you or a friend have an iPhone 4S, you’ve undoubtedly spent some time getting to know your own little personal assistant Siri. Always wanting to help, Siri seems like a great friend at first. But after some unfortunate experiences with her, many users have stopped speaking to Siri altogether. USA Today reached out to [...]

iphone podium 2

Want One of the Top 3 Best-Selling Smartphones of 2011? Buy an iPhone

Not only is Apple the #1 smartphone manufacturer worldwide, posting unheard-of revenue and profits to finish out 2011, they held the entire podium of Bestselling Smartphones of the year. You read that right, the top three smartphones of 2011 were all iPhones. Unsurprisingly, the most popular phone of the year was the iPhone 4. It [...]


Wanna Disappear on Twitter? Erase Your History With Tweeticide

So you’ve had a Twitter account for awhile now, and you’ve probably said some stupid things. That’s OK, Tweeticide to the rescue! Tweeticide is a simple app with one purpose – to delete every last one of your tweets. So now your Mom who just joined Twitter can’t find all of your potty-tweets, and your [...]

iPhone TV Ads

AdWeek Tells The Story Behind 84 iPhone Ads

TBWA has been the longtime creator of Apple’s well known ads. From the “Get a Mac” campaign to the current iPad ads they have produced hundreds of videos showcasing Apple devices. From the very first teaser ad to the iPhone shown below to the most recent iPhone 4S ads we have all seen a majority of them. [...]

spiderman gloves

Real life tech from Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 4 really made me feel like I was in the future. Awesome tech was used to help them to save the world. After thinking about it, I realized the tech they used was not far off from what exists today. DARPA is currenlty developing a contact lens that allows the user to have [...]

iPad Touchscreen Keyboard

Was Steve Jobs wrong about a keyboard-less tablet?

Would you like a keyboard with that? One of the mind puzzling questions for millions that have purchased their iPads is, “How do I use this effectively without a physical keyboard?” While the iPad has a high quality touchscreen it seems like more people are looking for an external keyboard to use as a companion with their [...]

sent from iphone

“Sent from my iPhone” is the new status symbol in China. Here’s how one business is profiting it

We’ve all seen it- that little message at the bottom of an email or text message: “sent from my iPhone”. Apparently this is the new status symbol in China (seems to be in America too, to a degree). The equivalent of driving around in a flashy Mercedes. One that you’re willing to rent just to [...]

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