Desk Phone Dock

Desk Phone Dock

My parents recently got rid of their landline in favor of just using their cellphones. One less bill to pay – one less phone to answer. I completely support the idea. There is no sense in having a home phone, when most people never allow their cellphones to leave their hands or pockets. However, for [...]

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Remember it, or not? The app that won’t let you forget

Ever have the nights where you forget your keys at your local bar, leave your jacket at the restaurant, or forget where you placed your child? Well don’t worry they made an app for that. Introducing the “Remember it” app, the ultimate forgetful users best friend. Now Remember It is an app based on your [...]


Meet my new Pandora

I am a firm follower to a good music site. For the past year, I have been hooked on Pandora. Everything about it was magical to me. From the way it took my choice of music, and turned it in to some amazing online mixtapes was just pure bliss to me. I loved the fact [...]


More Free Android Apps than iOS Apps

No shocker here, the number of free Android apps has surpassed the number of free iOS apps. A Netherlands-based mobile analytics group, Distimo, has recently released a statement stating that there are 134,342 free apps for the Android phone. This is about 12,500 more free apps than are available on Apple’s iPhone. There are other [...]

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Google Talk Video Calling on Android

Have you been dying to make video calls on your Android device over Google Talk? Well, die no more. Yesterday, with the announcement of Android 2.3.4., Google has brought Google Talk video calling to the Nexus S and eventually other phones running the “Gingerbread” version of Android. With the update, will you not only be [...]


The White iPhone 4 and Santa Do Exist

Well folks. It was posted and posted again, but now it is official, the white iPhone from Apple does exist. The announcement was made yesterday by a simple ad (seen above) shown when you visit The phone, as has been mentioned  before, was originally scheduled to be launched alongside the black model back in [...]


App Reviews: PocketCloud and SoundHound

If you have a smartphone, be it an iPhone or Android-based phone, you know the exciting feeling you get when you discover a new and exciting app that fixes some problem in your life you didn’t know you had.  Most of the apps I’ve downloaded are admittedly games (I’ve become akin to a zen master [...]

iPhone Tracker open source application

What Exactly Does the iPhone Tracking Data Mean?

As many of you may have heard, it appears as if Apple is tracking your every movement via your iPhone. While that may be a bit of an overstatement, the cache log in the iPhone does provide a fairly detailed account of where you and your iPhone have been. The implications were severe enough that [...]


Why you should ditch Twitter for Beluga

Like many of you, I use Twitter to stay connected to my friends and family across the country. Currently, I have about 20 members of my immediate and extended family who actively tweet. From siblings to aunts, and even my grandma, we are a family of social media users. But today, I’m suggesting that we [...]


New, radical iPhone 5 Rumors

Ready for some more iPhone 5 rumors? Good. First of all, this post isn’t for the non-geek at heart. The following is speculation that could be true, but nothing is really confirmed until we actually see the device, whenever that will be. Yesterday, the expatriates from Engadget over at This Is My Next revealed some somewhat [...]

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