Classic PC Games For Your i(Pod, Phone, Pad)

Everyone (well most guys, anyway) have a classic PC game that they will always love and cherish and reminisce about (sometimes to the annoyance of women).  These games hold a special place in a man’s heart and will always define what is meant as “the good ole games.”  But just because these games are old [...]

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The Everyday app

I love camera apps. They are probably one of the only reason I decided to get an iPhone. Now this app is less about the camera and more about the user behind the Camera. Introducing the Everyday app, the app that snaps your self portrait daily. Have you ever seen the montages of self portraits [...]


Livescribe Smart Pens

If you’ve never heard of Livescribe before, then you should take a look at this really cool pen.  This pen records what you write, draw, and hear.  Then, you can upload these things (Notes you take, drawings you do, and things you hear) to your computer and share them on the internet, etc. It’s a [...]

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Military-Grade Apps

Picture this. You are out with your special forces platoon. The enemy is within sight, but has not yet detected your position. You need to be able to get closer to see just how many of them there are, but don’t want to chance being seen. You’ve launched your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and it [...]


AT&T + T-Mobile = 130 Million Customers

In a sweeping move, AT&T recently decided to buy T-Mobile from Deutsche Telecom for about $39 billion.  T-Mobile has about 35 million customers and acquiring these (if none of them decide to switch providers) will put AT&T far past Verizon Wireless, which currently has about 100 million subscribers.  The only other service provider with a [...]


Top 3 camera apps for the iPhone

I love my new iPhone, and mainly just because the cool camera apps it has to offer unlike my old Blackberry. With my top 3 suggested camera apps, I have included shots I have taken with them. ENJOY. Instagram – Free – An app for the inner hipster in all of us. What I love [...]


iTunes to offer unlimited downloads

Apple is apparently trying to negotiate with various record labels to offer unlimited song downloads. Thus, if you were to purchase a song, you would be able to download that song onto your various devices, without any of the current frustrating restrictions. I have recently frustrated by this as around 50 of my recently purchased [...]


Situationist App, creepy?

“Let me inspect your bag for bombs and such” “Compliment me on my haircut” “Ask me what I think of the war” “Write down your first impression of me and hand it to me discretely” Sound like something you would let a stranger do or ask? If so, then this app is for you. Introducing [...]


Epic Mix

Some people retreat to the mountains to escape the ever present onslaught of technology. Well, these days, even the slopes are becoming less and less isolated and some people are saying thats actually a good thing. That is at least the case for many at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly in Vail, Colorado as [...]

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If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, OKAY?!

Apple seems to be taking a slight change in marketing direction with the latest round of commercials from the Cupertino company and their ad agency, TBWA/Chiat Day. The short commercials all share the premise of what really does constitutes an iPhone. The three videos focus specifically on the App Store, iPod/iTunes, and the iBooks store. [...]

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