Track Your Own Hours and Wages

How many of us are able to keep track of our hours and wages?  Chances are, many of us are not able to do that.  We have to rely on our bosses and our companies to keep track of how much we work and how much we need to be paid.  As you can probably [...]

Monster Light Disc Audio Dock

Three TRON inspired products

Did I really just watch Tron, yesterday? I think so. Not going to lie, I am secretly in love with the whole movie. From the graphics to music (Daft Punk), what didn’t the movie do right? So with my recent obsession I bring you three Tron products that I might be buying due to my new obsession. [...]


Has Apple Become A Religion?

Whenever I see Mac fans these days (also called Macheads), it makes me think back to the famous 1984 commercial where Apple pits itself against “big brother”.  Oh how times have changed!  If any company could be labeled as “big brother” these days, I would definitely have to say it is Apple.  The brand recently [...]


Games I’m Addicted To

I am addicted to downloading games for my iPhone and am notorious for not finishing any of them.  I can’t help it, there are so many good games out there!  I’ve only had my iPhone 4 for about a month now, but I’ve already downloaded several awesome games.  I have the standard games like Angry [...]


Angry Birds Empire

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka in the king of Angry Birds.  He is the man responsible for bringing us various versions of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Toys and quite possibly, an Angry Birds movie.  He is everything Angry Birds and he has a big announcement. On Tuesday, at the Next 11 conference, Vesterbacka announce that Angry Birds [...]


Kool Kickstarter Projekts

I’ve been aware of Kickstarter for a few months now, but I assumed most of the projects on the site were projects that were technology-oriented.  It seemed to me like most of the projects had to do with iPhone innovations and addons, etc.  Turns out I was wrong, which shouldn’t be a big surprise to [...]


Let The iPhone 5 Rumors Continue!

Yay, more iPhone 5 rumors!  Sorry if you’re sick of them, but I’m certainly not!   In fact, according to recent rumors, it may not even be called the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S, according to analyst Peter Misek.  I find myself wondering why they don’t just name it the iPhone 5 (and maybe they [...]


Flashback: Top 5 gadgets from 2010

The world of technology is moving at a rapid pace. Everything is constantly out-of-date and being upgraded. This year has been no different. The iPad 2 was introduced; PepsiCo’s social network vending machine has come out, among many more advances. But do you remember all the cool gadgets from 2010? It’s hard to believe it [...]

Will Skype Really Improve Microsoft?

Will Skype Really Improve Microsoft?

Now that Microsoft has officially bought Skype, what do they intend to do with it?  That is a question many people have been asking since the news broke on Tuesday.  Well, there are five possible uses being mention based on recent comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Let’s examine them. 1. Skype can be used [...]


Display Your Art With Framed*

HDTVs are finding many uses these days.  Aside from the age-old idea of watching TV on them, HDTVs are used these days as presentation screens for business meetings, computer and console gaming screens, and now as art displays. You’ve likely seen someone with one of those little digital picture frames (or maybe you even own [...]

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