The Oscars App and Other Time Sensitive Apps

With hundreds of millions of apps out there, how can an app stand out and be recognized?  One trend that apps are following is to create seasonal apps, apps that are only useful during a certain time of year.  For example, a Valentine’s Day app would be extremely useful in ordering flowers, etc for a [...]


A Couple Cool Apps

Let’s take a look at some cool apps for the iPhone.  Yes, there are millions of apps, and you have many you probably couldn’t live without, but it always helps to have a little bit of guidance when choosing cool apps.  Right? One of my favorites is called Tiny Wings.  It’s a game where you [...]

images1 How Successful is the Verizon iPhone

How Successful is the Verizon iPhone?

Based on all the commercials and advertisements I would have thought that Verizon was on the verge of toppling Apple with the release of the Verizon iPhone. It seemed to me that the release of the iPhone to Verizon was almost as exciting as the release of the first iPhone (or the release of our [...]


iFart Worth $1 million?

Yes, that’s right folks. The infamous app, iFart, is for sale for the small price of one million bucks. Fart applications have been around since iPhone apps were born. And they have seen success. iFart is one app that has stood out from the crowd and has claimed it’s stake as one of Apple’s Top [...]


Bump: The New Way to Share

Bump Technologies have created an app for the iPhone and Android that make sharing information as easy as bumping two phones together. Once you have downloaded the app, you pick what you want to send and bumb hands with another Bump user — gently of course. You can share photos, apps, music, messages, locations, contacts, [...]


Favorite Apps: Evernote

This is the beginning of a series of “Favorite Apps” where I talk about what programs, software, apps, services, etc.. that I use on a daily basis and couldn’t live without. When I was in my early teen years, I braved the awkward looks and taunting from my peers for carrying around a self-made planner/notebook. [...]


Apple Takes a Bite Out of Profits

After quite a while, Apple is finally going to start charging for subscription services.  Up to this point, Apple has allowed companies like Netflix to gain 100% of the profits made from their subscription apps for iPhones and iPods.  How much of the total profit will Apple be taking?  About 30%.  Which is fair, seeing [...]


The Dark Knight and Inception Apps

Warner Bros. recently decided to give two movies, The Dark Knight and Inception the app treatment.  What does this mean?  It means that, rather than downloading either of these movies from the iTunes store, you can now purchase apps for them that allow you to do some different things. The apps are initially free, enabling [...]


iPhone 5 Rumor Mill: Keypad? Yes Please!

So I could probably fill a month’s worth of blogs on the different rumors circulating around the changes with the iPhone 5. One of the rumors that is consistently showing up though is the presence of a full physical keyboard. More specifically, a physical keypad of the slide-out variety. I absolutely love the iPhone, but [...]


YoBongo: Changing the Way We Chat

Yobongo is one of those new and up-coming companies that will be making their debut presentation at the SXSW festival, an event for impendent filmmakers, music artists, and interactive technology geniuses. This new company has created an app that is revolutionizing the way we chat. Yobongo allows you to connect to other iPhone users nearby [...]

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