Get the iPhone 4 now or wait for the iPhone 5?

So that wonderfully time has arrived when my two year contract with my service provider ends! It is almost as joyous as Christmas, only because it seems like it has been so long since this day was last here. I have been lucky enough to use a Droid X on rental for the past little [...]


How do you justify your gadgets?

When the iPhone 4 came out, I was able to pick one up on day one. I was alerted to a shipment by a 3rd party AT&T store so my wait was minimal with only a few people ahead of me in line. While waiting anxiously, I had the opportunity to talk to a few [...]

iPhone Screenshot 2

Last night never happened, right?

Ever have those nights where you cannot remember what happened? Or let alone who you tweeted, direct messaged on Twitter, what you posted to your Facebook wall, or even pictures that you posted to either. Well if you don’t remember let “Last Night Never Happened” do your dirty work of the morning after. This app [...]


Transfer money to another person via AMEX Serve

You gotten back from a lovely, but expensive date with your wife and are just thanking your babysitter for another job well done when she informs you that her baby sitting rate has been raised, in fact, doubled. Annoyed at this bit of news, but thinking you can still escape the situation, you pull out [...]


Ridiculous iPhone Accessories

If you love your iPhone in an extreme way, the following goofy products might be for you.  Or you may consider getting one of these items just so your iPhone will turn heads.  Either way, you win, because the following products are so ridiculous that Lady Gaga wouldn’t even consider using them. If you think [...]


iPhone Photography

Fancy yourself a photographer?  Do you have an iPhone that you absolutely couldn’t live without?  Have you ever tried your hand at iPhone photography?  I don’t mean taking pictures of iPhones, I mean taking pictures with your iPhone.  Turns out that the iPhone can take some pretty snazzy pictures. Some of the following pictures are [...]

Apple’s WWDC 2011 kicks off on June 6th

No iPhone 5 this Summer? Will the sun still rise?

This week Apple announced its upcoming WWDC (World[W]ide Developers Conference) that will take place from June 6th through June 10th in San Francisco. The conference will, well, in Apple’s terms “will unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS®, including exciting demonstrations of the new kinds of apps that developers can build using Apple’s advanced [...]

Express Refills by Scan

The Walgreens App

What doesn’t this app do? I love Walgreens and this app kicks techie trash. The app features eight different tabs Pharmacy Photo Store Locator Shop Flu Shot Locator Refill by Scan Weekly Ads Shopping List My favorite feature is the refill by scan option for my prescriptions. Now you can scan via camera your previous [...]


Classic PC Games For Your i(Pod, Phone, Pad)

Everyone (well most guys, anyway) have a classic PC game that they will always love and cherish and reminisce about (sometimes to the annoyance of women).  These games hold a special place in a man’s heart and will always define what is meant as “the good ole games.”  But just because these games are old [...]

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