Lose That Flab With Nike Training Club

Every time it starts to get warm outside, my determination to regularly exercise also warms up.  I won’t tell you how fast this determination cools down, but it’s always a good feeling to set goals for yourself.  It’s the perfect time to go jogging, not too hot, not too cold.  To this end, I would [...]


Peel, Lose Those Remote Controls

Every time a device is able to perform the functions of other devices, thus making those devices obsolete, the geek inside of me squeals in pubescent joy.  And this is exactly what the iPhone does.  It is able to perform the jobs of so many devices that it just becomes the ultimate tech tool.  The [...]

Android Market?

Apple’s App Store Will No Longer Be #1

This may just push me over the fence. The “iPhone or Droid?” debate has been raging in my mind ever more intensely as my cell phone plan comes up for renewal. Now TechCrunch is reporting that the Android Market will soon surpass Apple’s App Store in their number of available apps. And it will happen [...]


No More Stalker iOS?

You’ve likely heard about Osama Bin Laden’s recent capture and death, but what you may not have heard is that he was captured because he had an iPhone.  With the recent discovery of tracking technology in the iOS system on the iPhone, there was no way Bin Laden was going to be able to hide [...]

iPhone Screenshot 4

The ThankYouPen app

There is nothing in the world that makes me more happy than receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. With the constant hustle these days, I guess you could say that receiving anything meaningful in your mail box is scarce (well besides bills). Anyway, when I first saw this app it intrigued me, I mean [...]


White iPhone 4 Fatter Than Black Version?

The short answer is no.  Read on for the long answer. After nearly 10 months since it was first announced, the white iPhone 4 has finally been released.  While I find myself wondering how many people actually rushed out to replace their black iPhone 4 with a white one (something I personally think would be [...]


Instagram, Picplz, Memolane Apps

As more and more people get smartphones, there are more and more mobile photographers out there.  The smartphone market is projected to overtake the ”dumbphone” market this year, meaning that there will be a lot of people with cameras in their pockets.  Fortunately there are a plethora of photo editing and sharing apps out there [...]

Desk Phone Dock

Desk Phone Dock

My parents recently got rid of their landline in favor of just using their cellphones. One less bill to pay – one less phone to answer. I completely support the idea. There is no sense in having a home phone, when most people never allow their cellphones to leave their hands or pockets. However, for [...]

iPhone Screenshot 2

Remember it, or not? The app that won’t let you forget

Ever have the nights where you forget your keys at your local bar, leave your jacket at the restaurant, or forget where you placed your child? Well don’t worry they made an app for that. Introducing the “Remember it” app, the ultimate forgetful users best friend. Now Remember It is an app based on your [...]

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