Moleskine App, Share Your Thoughts!

I am a big fan of Moleskine notebooks.  You may have seen them at your local bookstore, those black-bound notebooks with the elastic closing band that come in different styles.  I use them all the time, for taking notes in class and for jotting down thoughts and ideas.  Recently Moleskine has been expanding their product [...]

Moshi Moshi

Smartphone Dock Does it All

The Moshi Moshio4i is dock that utilizes Bluetooth 2.1 technology that allows computers and mobile phones to be simultaneously paired through one device. The Moshi04i is a multi-functional object that works as a cellphone dock, a Bluetooth speaker, and a Bluetooth handset that allows your cellphone to act as a landline. The creator of the [...]


Flip has Flipped

Well, if you haven’t heard the surprising, but not surprising, but surprising news from Cisco, (not to be confused with this Sisqo) it is that they are killing their Flip program. Thats right, that Flip program. The one that makes the Flip cameras with HD video recording and a switch blade-like USB stick for easy [...]

gopan micro

Cool Kickstarter Projects

You’ve likely already heard of Kickstarter, the site that helps inventors and idea makers to get their ideas out in to the world and get some financial backing.  Recently a batch of new and innovative ideas have come out for the iPhone and, I must say, they are pretty cool.  It amazes me how creative [...]

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

BlackBerry Bold Touch exposed

I think RIM technology just made my day. What is more perfect than a touch screen and a keyboard? I mean honestly its better than the feeling you get when you see a fat kid eating cake. Just pure bliss. Now as some of you may know I switched over to the iPhone (BlackBerry Killer) [...]

Screen shot 2011-04-09 at 8.19.51 PM The Instagram users new BFF

If I could begin to describe my love for Instagram this article may just get a little sappy. Instagram is probably one of the only apps/networks I access as much as my Facebook. Now with the recent developments of Instagram’s API, an amazing web client has come to my attention, is a web client [...]


Angry Birds are back… again…

The success of the Angry Birds franchise is bordering on ridiculous. Rovio recently released the “Rio” version of the game. It is based off of the upcoming animated motion picture from Fox. In just 10 days after the launch of the new game, it peaked past 10 million downloads. At a rate of over a [...]


Get the iPhone 4 now or wait for the iPhone 5?

So that wonderfully time has arrived when my two year contract with my service provider ends! It is almost as joyous as Christmas, only because it seems like it has been so long since this day was last here. I have been lucky enough to use a Droid X on rental for the past little [...]


How do you justify your gadgets?

When the iPhone 4 came out, I was able to pick one up on day one. I was alerted to a shipment by a 3rd party AT&T store so my wait was minimal with only a few people ahead of me in line. While waiting anxiously, I had the opportunity to talk to a few [...]

iPhone Screenshot 2

Last night never happened, right?

Ever have those nights where you cannot remember what happened? Or let alone who you tweeted, direct messaged on Twitter, what you posted to your Facebook wall, or even pictures that you posted to either. Well if you don’t remember let “Last Night Never Happened” do your dirty work of the morning after. This app [...]

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