Not All Apple Devices Will Be Able To Upgrade To iOS 7 — See The List Here

Yesterday, Apple showed us the future of iOS with its seventh major version. Love it or hate it, it’s undoubtedly a departure from the skeuomorphic design language of all previous versions. It’s more flat and less fluff. iOS 7 is available in BETA form for developers already and will be available to the public “this fall” [...]


How To Add ZAGGblog To Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Last month, nearly half a million of you clicked over to ZAGGblog for at least one of our posts throughout the month. How cool is that? We’ve got some great things planned for the rest of the year, too. So first off, a big thank you to all of you for being part of it. [...]


Khan Academy app now available for iPhone

Earlier this year, Khan Academy, the web-based provider of thousands of videos that help people learn more about a range of topics from math to science to history, released an iPad app for iOS users to access the site’s videos. This week, for the first time, that app is also available on the iPhone and [...]


Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera launches in the UK this week. It will cost $637

Starting Thursday Samsung is launching an Android-powered camera in the UK: The Galaxy Camera. I’ve consistently been surprised with every new product announcement that the market didn’t present an Android-powered iPod competitor. The iPod Touch is one of the best selling devices at Apple, and it seems that it all but completely overtook the iPod [...]

belkin apple iphone baby monitor wifi

Belkin Announced a new Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with iOS App

Haven’t exactly heard amazing things about the WeMo Home Automation system. Gizmodo certainly didn’t like it. However, the reviews on Amazon seem to be telling me that the firmware updates have fixed the bulk of the bugs. The new WeMo Baby monitor is a new Wi-Fi enabled microphone. The system isn’t very expensive at $90 [...]


Apple’s new iPod ad reminds us of Apple’s old iPod ads

Apple has some very iconic ads from the colorful silhouette iPod ads to the Mac vs. PC ads. This week, Apple released its latest ad for the new iPod line. I have to say, it’s one of the best Apple ads in a while. It brings out just how colorful and playful the new iPod [...]


Apple Launches new iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Music lovers rejoice: the new iPods Apple announced last month are finally here. After a few hours of downtown, the Apple Store ( is back up and the new iPods are available to purchase.  Here’s a quick rundown. Fifth Generation iPod Touch The most noticeable difference, at least from the front, is the larger screen. [...]


UNC Charlotte Tests Full 3D Emergency Response App

Charlotte police officers in full SWAT gear held a training on the University of North Carolina campus to test a custom application called the Effective Emergency Response Communication System (EERC). The app connects to a “command center” that can display where all police officers are, where the emergency is, and communicate a plan of action [...]

PS Vita Skype

Skype comes to the Vita

With the PS Vita gaining more and more popularity throughout the world today, it’s not surprising to see an application that would make it even more of a hot item. Recently, it was announced that Skype will soon be available for the PS Vita. It has been announced the this app will be free through [...]


Will the world accept an Android competitor to the iPod touch?

Samsung has been working hard to provide customers with every product that they can think of. They have created products that range from a 10.1″ tablet to a 5.3″ smartphone. In their most recent product release they have released a competitor to the iPod touch. Specs The device is a 3.6″ touch screen with a resolution [...]

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