Apple paid $50 million so you could find apps easier – bought Chomp

The rumor has been floating around that Apple is planning to overhaul their iTunes App Store. I have a suggestion for them: break up iTunes and App Store. 25 BILLION DOWNLOADS The company is displaying prominently on their homepage that soon enough, 25 billion apps will have been downloaded from the App Store. It’s impossible [...]


iOS App Review: Egg Punch

Egg Punch is a brand new free app in the iTunes store and it is loads of fun! You play as a young bird who has his feathers (clothing) stolen by a mischievous rabbit while you are taking a bath! The purpose of the game is to chase that rabbit through obstacles and down holes [...]


The Angry Birds Empire

Everyone knows what Angry Birds is. It is definitely the most well-known app of all time. All over America, you can see Angry Birds shirts, toys, key-chains – you name it. The game has gotten so huge; I think it’s appropriate to say that it has become the king of apps. The reason it is [...]


iOS App Review: Bike Baron

If you’re a fan of motorbikes, Bike Baron is for you! It’s a brand new app you can find on iTunes for a dollar and it’s worth every cent. Or, you can get it for free as a demo version. The only difference between the two is that the full version has tons more levels! [...]


Mac OS X Mountain Lion – GateKeeper, keep malware out.

History On the 5by5 podcast The Talk Show, John Gruber postulated that Apple wouldn’t force users to only install Mac App Store apps, but that they might make a setting that you could change. He wasn’t wrong. There is an app for that. What it is Gatekeeper in OS X Mountain Lion helps prevent you [...]


OS X Mountain Lion – AirPlay Mirroring Mac to Apple TV

History Want to display your Mac on the TV? Cables, dongles, and ugly. That’s what you had to deal with if you wanted to display your Mac on your TV. Then there was the same for the iPad and iPhone: Cables, dongles and (less) ugly. The Apple TV made it possible to send video from [...]


OS X Mountain Lion – Game Center Starts Playing

History There was gaming on the iPod, there was an array of third party services like OpenFeint, then there was Game Center for the iPhone, and now there is Game Center for the iPad. What it is The Mac is about to go up against iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch — in a friendly Game [...]


iOS App Review: Mega Jump!

Mega Jump is free in the iTunes store and sometimes I can tell why. The game is hard. But, it can also be really fun. It’s totally worth the free download but it’s nearly impossible to progress and get to new levels. Levels cost coins and it’s hard to collect enough spending to coins to [...]


Spotify: I Wish I’d Known About It Earlier

Spotify is the best Internet Radio/Music player I’ve found so far and the best part about it is, it’s free. As long as you have a Facebook account, which most people do, you can listen to Spotify online at any time. I actually found it on accident. Well, it was more like I discovered it, [...] Offers Unlimited Audiobook Streaming

Are you getting behind on your reading and don’t have to read through all of the books? Here is a great solution that offers unlimited audio book streaming to your phone, computer or tablet. You can have all the features of this service for only $24.95 a month and cancel anytime. They offer thousands of [...]

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