You Control These AA Batteries With Your Smartphone [VIDEO]

AA batteries, for all the things they power in our lives, have remained relatively unchanged over the years. Sure, their power capacity may have increased a bit, but nothing Earth-shatteringly innovative has come in the AA battery space. A Kickstarter campaign for a new battery called the “Batthead” is hoping to change that, however. Batthead’s [...]


[Opinion] You’re Thinking About Kickstarter Campaigns All Wrong

There’s a lot of buzz right now about Kickstarter — the crowd funding platform where you can pitch your project and seek funding from individuals interested in what you’re making. Going back to the early days, we’ve seen it be a hotbed for small startups launching gadgets and new tech. A few campaigns you might [...]


A 3D Printer Anyone Can Afford

I recently watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  It was the one where Raj and Howard decide it’s a good investment to purchase their own miniature version action figures.  And then it doesn’t turn out so well, so they purchase a used 3D printer “for only” 1,000 bucks and make their own dolls [...]


Another Gadget To Help You Optimize And Diagnose Your Car Hits Kickstarter

Last month we told you about Automatic, a $70 car plug-in that links your car to your iPhone, today we’re telling you about Dash, a project currently in funding mode through Kickstarter.  This device plugs into your vehicle, tracks your driving profile, and then wirelessly transmits the data to your iOS device.  While driving, Dash collects data [...]


The World’s Smallest Cell Phone Charger Is The Size Of A Quarter

ZAGGsparq is the #1 selling portable device charger. It charges smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices. It’s ideal for charging on-the-go and great for emergency situations. Click here to learn more about the ZAGGsparq family. While ZAGGsparq is the #1 selling charger (and ships for free to all USA addresses), there’s another charger on Kickstarter [...]


This Voice-Activated, Fingerprint Secure USB Drive Keeps Passwords And Other Data Safe

This password requires 8 alphanumeric characters, two uppercase letters, at least one digit and two special characters. Just when you think you have a password that will work for a few logins, another company throws a new obscure twist in, and soon you find yourself with more passwords than your poor little brain can handle. [...]


After Playing With This Soccer Ball For 30 Minutes You Can Use It To Power A Light For Three Hours

In developed countries, one of the things we frequently take for granted is access to electricity, specifically, handy access to light. Truth is, in some parts of the world, power and light are hard to come by, and that can make simple things like reading at night, or studying if you’re a child, difficult to [...]


Available Next Month, This iPad App Could Change The Way You Edit Videos In Final Cut Pro X

CTRL+Console turns your iPad into a video editing console for Final Cut Pro X. Though it was created for less-experienced editors who aren’t familiar with their keyboard shortcuts, CTRL+Console could also provide significant value to professionals. One experienced FCPX editor told me that, even though he already knows his keyboard shortcuts, he’d still be interested in [...]


Kickstarter Project To Build A Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Has Raised Almost Half A Million Dollars

We already know the cost to build a real-life Death Star is $852 quadrillion dollars. But what about a single X-Wing Fighter? A paltry $11 million, according to this Kickstarter project. Clearly, it’s a joke (they even say so), just like the Death Star project that came before it. But hey, a Star Wars fan [...]


This Mouse Attaches To Your Finger And Is The Latest Entrant In The Bid To Make Minority Report-Style Computing A Reality

Every few weeks here on the ZAGGblog we bring you news about a new gadget that promises to bring us closer to controlling our computers and devices in the same style as Tom Cruise in “Minority Report.“ While some devices look promising, we still aren’t waving our hands in front of screens — at least [...]

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