Viral Video: Here’s Apple’s Unaired Super Bowl Ad, Shot Entirely With An iPhone

On January 24, 2014, Apple sent out 15 different teams to 5 different continents around the globe to document how real people use Apple’s products in their day to day lives. They took one video recording device with them: the iPhone 5s. Over 70 hours of video footage was recorded that day, and the results [...]


How To Take A Screen Shot On A Mac

Command-Shift-3: This will take a shot of your entire screen (you’ll hear the camera shutter) and save it to your desktop as a file like Screen Shot 2014-14-1 at 11.03 AM. Command-Shift-4: This will give you cross hairs to select an area.  Any area you select will be in your screen shot and saved on [...]


Tim Cook Promises Big Year For Apple In 2014

Not that we’d expect him to say anything different, but Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a note to employees thanking them for their efforts in 2013 and promising a “big year” in 2014. Obviously, he didn’t give any specific plans or products, but come to think of it, 2013 was a fairly quiet year. The [...]


Here’s A Fully Maxed Out Mac Pro Spec Sheet And Cost

We’ve already talked about the new Mac Pro pricing and availability. It officially went on sale on Apple’s website today, and already, shipping estimates have been pushed out to February. That indicates there was more demand for the Mac Pro than Apple had expected. The base model starts at $3,000, which doesn’t include a monitor. [...]


Use This Emulator To Play With A Classic Mac Running System 7 from 1991

Talk about Throwback Thursday. To get your nostalgia fix for the week, check out this web-based emulator that lets you explore Mac System 7 from more than 20 years ago. I forgot that back then, you actually have to hold the mouse down when dragging through menus. Oh how far we’ve come. Mac Plus Emulator [...]


Watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope On Your Mac (or PC) In Text Animation

This may be old news to some, but hopefully new news to many. I myself found out about this years ago, but forgot about it again until a co-worker reminded me. Did you know you can watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope on your Mac, right now for free? Here’s the catch: it is [...]


Why Did Apple Call It Mavericks?

While iOS 7 got most of the attention at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this week, some TLC should be given to its desktop cousin, the Mac operating system, which got some significant upgrades as well. Most notably is the new name of the latest version of the OS itself. In the past, Apple has [...]


The New Mac Pro: A New Direction In Design

Among the many announcements at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference, one that stood out was the upgrade of Apple’s ‘long in the tooth’ product, the Mac Pro. Known as a work horse in the graphics, video, and animation world, this model has not been updated aesthetically, since, well, ever. In fact, it was basically a [...]


Rare Apple Computer Sells For Over $670K

Your current Mac is probably a lot faster, slimmer, and definitely less expensive than the Apple 1 computer sold on Saturday by German auction house, Auction Team Breker. This Apple 1, one of only six in existence, sold for $671,400 US dollars.  The Apple 1 computer is a low-powered PC from Apple’s founding days with [...]


Mac OS X 10.9 Rumored Features: More icing on the cake

It used to be that when you wanted an update to your Mac’s operating system, you would just have to wait until Apple was good and ready to let you have it. These days, Cupertino’s release schedule is a lot more frequent and predicable which is a good thing for the impatient user. This year [...]

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