Confirmed: Microsoft to Layoff 1 Out of Every 7 Employees by 2015, “Vast Majority” by Christmas

Bad news came down the pipe this morning for Microsoft employees. Satya Nadella, the company’s new CEO, is sharpening his ax, and has confirmed his intentions of cutting down the workforce by 18,000 people – 14% of the total employees at the Redmond, WA-based company. Two-thirds of the layoffs will affect employees in the recently [...]


U.S. Gov’t: What You Store in the Cloud Isn’t Protected by the Fourth Amendment

Back in April of this year, a judge in New York ruled that search warrants issued in the U.S. applied to digital content, even if the content was stored on servers overseas and physically outside U.S. jurisdiction. The same is not true for physical content. For example, a search warrant issued in the U.S. would [...]


News Of Surface Mini Accidentally Leaked By Microsoft

With the introduction of the Surface Pro 3, many were expecting Microsoft to announce the arrival of a smaller version of the Surface as well. There have been some reports that Microsoft cancelled the launch of their mini tablet just days before the Surface Pro 3 event; yet Microsoft has never officially confirmed that they [...]


Xbox Adds 45 New Apps To Their System

Microsoft’s Xbox has taken another giant leap at becoming not just a platform for gamers but a whole home entertainment device; Xbox has added 45 new media apps. With these new additions, Xbox has raised their number of offered apps by nearly 25%. With this announcement, Xbox has announced they are bringing online a made-for-TV [...]


Microsoft Announces ‘Surface Pro 3′ and Says it Can Replace Your Laptop

The big news out of Redmond this week is the new Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s latest and greatest tablet-laptop slate running Windows 8.1 Pro. On its own, it’s a 12-inch tablet. It starts at $799 for the 64 GB model with an Intel Core i3 processor. Add the $129 ‘Type Cover’ and it becomes a [...]


Xbox Will No Longer Require ‘Gold’ Subscription For Netflix And Hulu Access

Microsoft will soon announce that a premium “Xbox Live Gold” subscription will no longer be required to use streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu on the game consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One, reports from Arstechnica this week suggested. Currently, Xbox users who want to watch streaming video content on their game consoles must subscribe [...]


[Viral Video] Photographer Talks About What Went Into Shooting The Most Viewed Photo Of All Time

In 2001, Windows XP was all the rage on new PCs, and with it was what would become the most viewed photo of all time. Seen by more than one billion people around the world, the desktop background called ‘Bliss’ has a cool backstory. Was it generated by a computer? Was it Photoshopped? Was it [...]


They Are the World’s 15 Richest Tech Billionaires For 2014

Forbes has updated its list of the world’s wealthiest people for 2014. I was thumbing through the “Tech” list and found some typical results, as well as a few surprises in the rankings. You can view the full slideshow and more details about each person on the list on Forbes’ site, here. In order from [...]


Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant, Cortana, Is A Sexy Siri Copycat

The first time most of the world grasped the concept of a “virtual assistant” on their smartphone was when Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S in October 2011. One and a half years later, Google (and separately, Samsung) have their own versions and it isn’t a new idea anymore. However, one [small] group of [...]


How Does Skype Work?

Skype has been around for a while, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to consider it. It’s a pretty cool service, and for the most part, it’s free. Basically, Skype allows you to call friends and family from a phone, tablet, or computer for no cost. You can call just to [...]

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