[Viral Video] Photographer Talks About What Went Into Shooting The Most Viewed Photo Of All Time

In 2001, Windows XP was all the rage on new PCs, and with it was what would become the most viewed photo of all time. Seen by more than one billion people around the world, the desktop background called ‘Bliss’ has a cool backstory. Was it generated by a computer? Was it Photoshopped? Was it [...]


They Are the World’s 15 Richest Tech Billionaires For 2014

Forbes has updated its list of the world’s wealthiest people for 2014. I was thumbing through the “Tech” list and found some typical results, as well as a few surprises in the rankings. You can view the full slideshow and more details about each person on the list on Forbes’ site, here. In order from [...]


Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant, Cortana, Is A Sexy Siri Copycat

The first time most of the world grasped the concept of a “virtual assistant” on their smartphone was when Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S in October 2011. One and a half years later, Google (and separately, Samsung) have their own versions and it isn’t a new idea anymore. However, one [small] group of [...]


How Does Skype Work?

Skype has been around for a while, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to consider it. It’s a pretty cool service, and for the most part, it’s free. Basically, Skype allows you to call friends and family from a phone, tablet, or computer for no cost. You can call just to [...]


Meet Satya Nadella, The New CEO Of Microsoft

On Tuesday of this week, after much speculation and amid rumors flying of potential candidates, Microsoft announced Satya Nadella will be the company’s new CEO. Nadella is 46 years old and has been with the company for 22 years. He’s married to his high school sweetheart and together, they have three children. Microsoft has been [...]


[Deal Alert] Microsoft Offering $100 Off Xbox One If You Trade In Your PS3 Or Xbox 360

While the new Xbox One topped the charts in holiday game console sales, Microsoft isn’t slowly down its marketing machine to get new consoles out the door. They’ve just announced a new trade-in promotion: between now and March 2, give them your Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Slim, or Playstation 3 and they’ll give you [...]


Nokia Will Finally Make An Android Phone; Here’s What It Looks Like

Since being acquired by Microsoft last month for $7.2 billion, Finnish company Nokia hasn’t made many splashes in the press. They released a pair of Lumia smartphones in India, but that’s about it. However, the rumor mill is flying with what to expect out of the Microsoft-owned Nokia in 2014. One of those rumors: a [...]


Here’s A Cheat Sheet For All The Ways You Can Control Xbox One By Voice

The Xbox One has been out for a few days now, and even though I’m not a gamer, I always enjoy keeping up with cool new tech. What Apple did for voice commands with Siri on the iPhone, Microsoft has done for voice commands on your TV. They’ve added another element beyond just voice: gestures. [...]


Xbox One SmartGlass App Already Available on Google Play

This Friday, Microsoft will finally make the Xbox One available to the public. In most retail locations, it goes on sale at 12:01am. In anticipation of the release, Microsoft has already released the companion SmartGlass app for Android. SmartGlass lets you interact with your Xbox One both at home and on the go. From the [...]


Nokia Releases Lumia 2520 Tablet — After Being Acquired By Microsoft

Just this morning, news broke that Nokia shareholders have approved the acquisition offer by Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft will own the ‘Devices and Services’ arm of Nokia. The two have been partners on Windows Phone since February 2011. Despite this, Nokia is throwing their hat in the ring with a Windows RT tablet: the Lumia 2520, [...]

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