Google Wallet Introduces Google Wallet Card

Last week, I wrote about Coin, a new startup with the goal of eliminating the need to carry around all the plastic credit and debit cards for your accounts. Instead, Coin replaces them with one physical programmable card. Depending on which account you want to use, Coin will pass through the proper information at the [...]


‘Coin’ Is A High Tech Solution To A Low Tech Thing You Do Every Day

Millions of times a day, consumers around the world pay for goods and services with plastic. Some are debit cards linked to cash in your checking account; some are credit cards linked to a credit account. The average consumer has 5 plastic payment cards they carry with them at any given time. Coin is here [...]


What Does Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Think About The iPhone 5s Fingerprint Reader?

The fingerprint reader in Apple’s new iPhone 5s is getting most of the spotlight in the early reviews we’ve seen. That’s to be expected, really, considering it’s the one notable feature most every day consumers will notice and that will change existing behaviors. The new A7 processor, the M7 motion coprocessor, the 15% larger camera [...]


Google Wallet Now Available To Android Users On All U.S. Carriers

Beginning today, Google is rolling out a new, updated version of its Android app for Google Wallet. The new version has been redesigned from the ground up, keeping much of the same functionality, but adding some new features as well. The big news: any user with Android 2.3 or above can install Google Wallet, regardless [...]


You’re Missing Out On Discounts If You’re Not Using Google Wallet

Why aren’t you using Google Wallet? It’s one of my favorite Google services, since I buy a lot of things online. Newsflash: it’s not just for your smartphone. You might have already seen a “Buy With Google” checkout option start showing up with some online merchants, and soon you’ll see even more. Wallet is a [...]


Google Wallet For The Verizon Galaxy S4

In the world of mobile payments – that is, using your smartphone to pay for things – Google Wallet is the king of the hill. If you’re not familiar with the service, it’s likely because most U.S. carriers don’t want you using it on their phones. They’ll tell you it’s because of a perceived security [...]


Square Stand Turns Your iPad Into A Real Cash Register

By now, you’ve probably heard of Square, the mobile payments platform that enables you to accept credit or debit cards from your phone or tablet. It works by plugging a small card reader attachment to the headphone jack of your device, then transmitting the data (securely, of course) over the Internet and processing the payment. [...]


Mobile Payments Company Rewards You For Loyalty At Restaurants And Doesn’t Charge Retailers A Transaction Fee

A Boston-based startup is hoping to solve two problems, one each for retailers and consumers: 1) The problem of consumers (outside of Starbucks customers and some Google Wallet users) not picking up the trend of mobile payments. 2) Retailers having to pay a processing fee when customers use credit cards. The first problem — that [...]


Ditch the Lines: Check out at Wal-Mart with Your iPhone

In October of last year, Apple released an update to the Apple Store iPhone app that allowed users to buy items in Apple retail stores and checkout, paying via their iTunes payment information already on file. It was a novel concept, and actually still is. Find what you’re looking for, scan the barcode using the [...]


PayPal rumored to be launching a mobile payment solution to compete with Square

Square, Intuit, and Verifone are the big dogs in the mobile payment space right now, but if rumors are true, Internet payment giant PayPal may soon be joining the fray. According to Gigaom, PayPay officials are preparing to announce a mobile payment solution for small businesses as early as this Thursday. The move would be [...]