Samsung Gets Off Easy With Big Security Flaw

These types of issues are unbelievable to me. Mostly, because if this were Apple it would hammer every tech site on the web, and would probably even end up in the Wall Street Journal. I guess we don’t expect much more from Samsung. There are versions (read: AT&T) of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S [...]

The Newest and Most Innovative Tablet – (via Dwight Schrute)

Do you watch the Office? Because for a tech geek, and gadget lover, this is one of the best scenes in the history of the series. On Thursday night’s episode of the NBC show The Office, viewers got a surprise laugh when character Dwight Schrute introduced us to Dunder Mifflin-Sabre’s new tablet, The Pyramid. So [...]


Check Out This: iPhone 5 Rumor Summary Infographic

Zagg Blog writers are always watching tech news. Combined, it seems like we read and re-read every rumor – especially iPhone 5 rumors. In the few months before any Apple product launch, there is an internet explosion of speculation and predictions about the device. It can be fun to see all the rumors. The iPhone [...]


Why Smartphone Users Should Care About NFC

What is NFC? NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”. A device with an NFC chip shares data by tapping the device on a sensor. The sensor can read an NFC device up to 10 centimeters away. It’s been around for a while, but many of people still don’t know what it is and what it [...]


Amazon Silk – The Fastest And Most Innovative Browser Yet?

Amazon just announced Silk, is a browser built for the era of cloud computing. It is perhaps the most innovative part of Amazon’s recent Kindle announcements. Built around “Dynamic split browsing”. Dynamic split browsing, Silk splits the browser work between your mobile device and Amazon’s servers, which brings you faster internet in several different ways: Fast [...]


Android and Zune Users: Got iPhone Dock incompatability Woes?

Okay, you know the deal. You own and Android phone or even an iPod shuffle, and you live in an iPhone world. It seems, that no matter where you go – hotels, cars, your mother’s kitchen, and any high quality speaker set – you find a 30-pin dock connector. I once saw a fridge with [...]


Grid 10 for only $299!?

So… The new strategy is, if you can’t make money, make even less money. It seems the goal, rather than ‘become profitable’, for every tablet maker is simple: beat Apple. Fusion Garage isn’t the first to decide to forego actual profits for a bit more user adoption. The Grid 10 dropped their prices ($499 for [...]


Jelly Batteries Are Real. What Does It Mean For Laptops, Tablets, And Smartphones?

Are you gellin’? Your battery might be. Leeds University developed a new battery that is made of a polymer gel. No, it is not edible. What exactly does that mean? Laptops, tablets and phones will have a better battery life and be cheaper, lighter, smaller, and less likely to explode. Here’s how: Better battery life [...]

The America Invents Act site

Will US Patent Reform Make Everybody Happy?

The America Invents Act, a 150-page bill, intends to “encourage innovation, job creation, and economic growth” by updating the current patent system. There’s been a lot of patent warfare going on, which is frustrating many developers. Some developers say that software patents are actually limiting creativity. This is an age filled with start-ups and entrepreneurship, [...]

Computer exploding

Will This Feature Make Your Computer 1,000x Faster?

How would you like it if your computer were 1,000 times faster? Let’s take it one step further: what if your computer were 1,000 times faster than today’s fastest processor? IBM & 3M promise that this type of processor is on the horizon with the development of their multi-layered processing chip.

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