Mad Men gained over 1 mil viewers thanks to Netflix

Is internet television the future? I think we’d all certainly like it to be. Is that why we root for Netflix? I’m a big fan of Mad Men. The show is great drama, and often filled with brilliant creativity. The actors are skilled, and the story is captivating. In the past however, that hasn’t been [...]

Facebook mobile overtakes regular site in amount of time users spend browsing

Facebook mobile overtakes regular site in amount of time users spend browsing

You use Facebook. Everyone uses Facebook. But think for a moment about when you are using Facebook on different computers and devices, and ask yourselves which devices you spend the most amount of time browsing, interacting, tagging photos, and liking stuff on the world’s most popular social networking site. According to a report this weekend [...]


How far should iOS developers go in backwards compatibility? iOS 3.0? iOS 4.0? iOS 5.1? (by @jkhowland)

I create iOS apps. Seeing people use those apps can be a lot of fun. I’ve always been of the opinion that more app users is better. Because of that, I have been supporting iOS 3.0 for every app update since I started 3 years ago. As Joshua Aikens aptly put it, I wanted ‘Little [...]

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology (Infographic)

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology [Infographic]

The Next Big Thing in Tech Everybody wants to know: what is the “next big thing” in technology? We’re not talking about space-age teleportation suits or time travel. We’re talking about legitimate consumer-targeted tech with the potential to arrive in your home soon. Our researchers scoped the web for any and all mentions of “the [...]


Scalado magically erases background junk from mobile photos.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good picture in a busy area. That’s why Scalado made mobile software that magically removes unwanted background objects. Here’s how it’s supposed to work: How it works: Video It seems like Scalado uses video to see what objects can be removed. They created similar software last year called Rewind, [...]

Tax Refund

TurboTax And H&R Block Want You To File Your Taxes With Your Smartphone

Its that time of year again and it will be April 15th before we know it. Many of us dread the time and effort that it takes to find all of our tax documents and complete our yearly tax refund. Tax companies that provide programs for you to easily complete your taxes on your own [...]


#SWSLC presents Cinch – makes life a bit more mobile-friendly

Okay, so Startup Weekend just happened. Each of the teams picked a problem, and a solution, and attempted, in only 48 hours to build a company. One of the best groups – thanks to a VERY polished execution, and a gorgeous design – was an app called Cinch Tool. What is it? Cinch Tool creates [...]

Chrome for Android

Chrome Now Available for Android 4.0

Yes you read the title right. It is finally here. With lots of anticipation the search giant has finally fit its powerful browser into a pocket your pocket. As of now the release is in beta but comes with a new way to swipe between tabs as well as the ability to sync your tabs [...]


Obama Campaign Will Use Square to Gather Donations

The strength of a presidential candidate’s campaign often comes down to how they utilize social media and mobile devices, since that is how many of the upcoming generation lives their lives.  The Obama campaign leaders know this (remember Obama’s heavy social media use during his last election period?) and they know that a lot of [...]

CloudOn [DONE] CloudOn brings Microsoft Office 2010 to the iPad! Yay

CloudOn brings Microsoft Office 2010 to the iPad! Yay?

CloudOn is Microsoft Office on the iPad. It was so popular that they had to pull the app. Various apps already let you edit Word and Powerpoint files, but they aren’t Microsoft Office on the iPad. This one looks identical to Microsoft Office on Windows. That’s nice, but it’s also the problem. Here’s what Wired [...]

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