A Little Overview of CES 2012

Going to CES? Get a free t-shirt and we’ll hook you up at our booth With CES coming around the corner in January of the new year, it is no surprise the amount of talk buzzing around blogs and other various social networks. This year the convention will take place in Las Vegas at The [...]

starbucks mobile app

25 Percent of Starbucks Customers Pay Via Mobile App

Earlier this year, Starbucks launched an app for mobile payments. Instead of pulling out cash or a credit card, the barcode in the app is scanned at the register, and money is deducted from the accountholder’s balance. Users can reload money through the app via credit card or PayPal. The app also tracks customer rewards [...]

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Invisible Speakers use your screen to make sound

One of my favorite new technologies is the invisible speaker. Developed by Emo Labs, the invisible speakers create sound by vibrating a thin membrane that is located on device’s screen. Check out the original demo video: Improved mobile devices Because of this, the speakers occupy very little space in the device’s design – leaving more [...]


Malls start tracking shoppers’ cell phones

Did you go to the mall today? You may have been followed. Several malls have started using “FootPath,” a service that uses shoppers’ cell phones to track their location. It can be accurate up to 1 meter. Footpath’s purpose is to help malls analyzing which stores are most popular and which routes people take. It [...]


Tellme, are you better than Siri?

In a recent interview with Forbes’ Eric Savitz, Microsoft’s Craig Mundie said that Siri is nothing special. Microsoft had a “similar” version over a year ago. So did Android. And the 3GS had voice control, which was also “similar” to Siri. Is Siri special? As Craig Mundi points out, Siri is “the only thing [Apple] [...]


Mobile Movies, are you watching them?

In this post I want to mainly talk about devices that you have with you all the time ie; your phone or maybe even a smaller sized tablet. Many movie companies and TV channels have done their best efforts to get all of their content to apps on every device possible but is this all [...]


Dear Tech Companies: You Could Have Said That Whole 5 Paragraph Press Release In A Tweet

John Gruber isn’t the first to point out the need for “clear, concise, plainspoken communication”. And in fact, he’d say it “is as sure a sign as any of poor leadership”. It seems like all we get out of the bigger tech companies lately is a PR-speak vortex of non-meaning. Adobe of course, recently released [...]


Did Apple just win the Flash on mobile device’s fight?

Will the iPad and iPhone ever have Flash content? The final answer is no. Adobe has announced this week that it is going to stop development on mobile devices and focus on HTML 5. Adobe says they just could not compete with HTML 5. While many might think it was just because Apple would not [...]

Sprint vs. Verizon & AT&T

How Long Will Sprint’s Unlimited Data Last?

Sprint is the only carrier to offer unlimited data on the iPhone 4S in the US. With “World phone” capability, the iPhone is now more accessible than ever before. It is finally available on three major US networks: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Sprint paid through the nose to get the ability to sell the iPhone. [...]


How Close Are We To Wireless Electricity?

Actually, wireless electricity debuted at TED over two years ago. WiTricity CEO Eric Giler demonstrated a magic device that wirelessly powered a TV and some smartphones: Though the idea of wireless electricity has been around since Tesla, things are finally getting started. WiTricity, manufacturer IHI, and Mitshubishi motors are getting together to make wireless chargers for electric [...]

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