Explained: How Does Bitcoin Work?

We’ve had several readers ask about Bitcoin. What is it? How do you get it? How does it work? So, since it’s been in the news increasingly lately, I figured I’d give you a quick crash course on how Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies work. Bitcoin has somewhat of a mysterious past. It was started [...]


Google Wallet Introduces Google Wallet Card

Last week, I wrote about Coin, a new startup with the goal of eliminating the need to carry around all the plastic credit and debit cards for your accounts. Instead, Coin replaces them with one physical programmable card. Depending on which account you want to use, Coin will pass through the proper information at the [...]


5 Ways To Identify Legitimate New $100 Bills And Avoid Being Scammed

Last week, I listed my iPad mini for sale on Craigslist so I could get some of the cash I’d need for the new iPad Air I planned to buy. A few days later, I got a call from a guy who wanted to buy it and we arranged to meet at a local coffee [...]


MasterCard is adopting new credit card technology for a more secure card

The next big thing in ‘credit card technology’ seems to be making it’s way to Singapore. The card has buttons and an LCD screen that will only allow payment from the card if the user enters their PIN number. The problem? This isn’t new technology. I read an article on this technology from Geekologie back [...]


Your hard-earned [Apple] tax dollars at work

The term “Apple tax” was coined long ago as an attempt to explain why Apple products seem to cost more than the competition. Ask anyone to explain what the Apple tax is, and you will inevitably hear that the “Apple tax” means you’re paying extra just for the Apple brand. Here are a few things [...]

OneReceipt screenshot

OneReceipt, smartly uses your emails to help track your spending

OneReceipt is a simple and convenient app that helps you track your finances. Here’s what they have to say about themselves: We keep all your receipts, and we mean ALL (paper and digital), in one convenient place. Automatically track your digital receipts OneReceipt links to your email account. It automatically pulls the financial information out [...]

Waiting in line for the iPad

Is The new iPad worth the wait?

People ask me all of the time: “Should I buy the iPad today, or should I wait until the next iPad comes out?” The refrain gets louder as we get close to the holiday season. Why? Because Apple releases an iPad right after Christmas and people want to know if they should get the 9 [...]


Cool stuff at CES 2012: Cubify’s 3D printer takes 3D printing to your home.

Yep. These were shoes were printed with a 3D printer by Cubify. 3D printers have done some pretty awesome things since 2003. For example, 3D printers helped create 3D chocolate treats and the throwable 360º panorama ball. Print at home or have it delivered You can get the Cube 3D printer for $1,299. If that’s too [...]


#BlackFriday meet your righteous twin, #WhiteFriday

Thanksgiving is a time for consideration and contemplation. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? Did you feel like you came off more thankful and ready to share what you’ve been blessed with? Check out this graphic. Meet White Friday. If we all took a step back from the alter of capitalism this Friday, what could come [...]

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