7 Spotify Features You Didn’t Know You Had

We’ve seen some welcome updates to Spotify recently. Here are some new and old features you may not be aware of. Browse Finding new music has always been one of Spotify’s greatest uses. The breakdown of music in this section is very helpful in discovering new music based on Lists, New Releases, News, and Moods/Genres. [...]


Neil Young Is Building The Best Sounding Music Player You’ve Ever Heard

An ongoing Kickstarter project started by world-famous musician Neil Young is among the most successful crowd funding campaigns ever and aims to bring true, uncompressed, high-fidelity music to the masses. The project is called Pono Music, and over the March 29 weekend, the project neared 15,000 backers and had received pledges of more than $5 [...]


Spotify Announces Student Premium For Only $5

Spotify Premium is a wonderful service. Unlimited and commercial free listening for $9.99/month. Well, it just got even more wonderful for students who can now subscribe to Premium service for only $4.99/month. Enjoy unlimited listening to 20 million songs! Spotify not only announced this great news, but they also offered a playlist to help you [...]


Apple Announces CarPlay Infotainment Coming to Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda, et al Later This Year

Beginning later this year, six top auto manufacturers will begin integrating iOS functionality in their vehicles, which will let you pair your iPhone for hands-free voice control of your phone calls, text messages, music, navigation, and of course, Siri. Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, and Jaguar will be the launch partners for the in-car [...]


[Deal Alert] SanDisk’s New 128 GB microSD Card On Amazon For $80 Off

One great thing I love about Android phones: almost all of them include slots for microSD cards, which let you quickly and easily expand your storage. I have a 64 GB card in my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, plus the 16 GB internal storage, which gives me 80 GB (about 70 GB after formatting) to [...]


Hands On Video Review Of The iFrogz Coda POP Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s face it: the market for portable Bluetooth speakers is getting saturated. There are a ton of them out there, they all do practically the same thing, but vary when it comes to performance. If you’re looking for a solid contender on the lower end of the price spectrum, you’d be foolish not to consider [...]


Listen To Tunes In The Shower With This Speaker And Shower Head Combo

Singing in the shower is a human nature. There are few places on this planet that offer better acoustics than the inside of a shower stall, and the drip drip drip of the water coming out of the shower head is usually the best audience for those who belt out tunes, especially those of us [...]


Huge News: As Of Today, Spotify Is Now Free On Mobile Devices

My absolute favorite music service is Spotify. We’ve written about it at length here on ZAGGblog, and it continues to be one of the best choices for music streaming and discovery. Whether I’m creating a playlist and looking for specific songs, or if I’m too lazy to decide what to listen to myself and just [...]


Wake Up With Pandora

A good majority of us have stepped away from using the heart stopping beeping alarm clock to using our phones to wake us up each morning.  Have there been moments when you’ve missed the beauty of the clock radio?  Pandora has added an alarm clock to their iOS App that will give some of those [...]


After 15 Years, We Say Goobye to Winamp For Good

Since the late 90s, Winamp has been a favorite media player among audiophiles around the world. It had extensive customization options and features that power users found missing from other programs like iTunes and Windows Media Player, the two dominant applications in music. Winamp was created by two college students who later sold the application [...]

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