T-Mobile Expands Music Freedom App List

If you are a music fan or use music streaming apps on your phone, your data plan or cap has probably crossed your mind a few times while you were listening. Nothing is more annoying than realizing that you’ve burned through a lot of your data listening to music because you forgot to connect to [...]


If Your Life Needs a Soundtrack, You Need This Social Music App

If you can sing, you’ve got a talent I’ll never have. So you should share it. Now, there’s a social sharing app that’s designed just for you, for when you need to say more than words. Hook’d is a social music app, currently available for free in the App Store for iPhone and iTouch, with [...]


The Modern Version Of The Mix Tape

Remember the good old days of compiling the most perfect songs on a mix tape or cd then giving it to a loved one? Me too, but only vaguely. A friend of mine said recently that “the mix tape/cd is a lost art form.” Is it? Or has it just changed? Of course we still [...]


Google Quietly Acquires Songza

Have you used Songza yet? It’s the amazing music streaming app that has professionally generated playlists that you can select based on your mood, activity, or time of day. (See my Songza Review Here.) I have found myself disappointed by a lot of different playlists, but Walking on Sunshine has never failed me. If you [...]


T-Mobile Removes Music Streaming from Your Data Allowance with UnCarrier 5.0

If you’ve followed along with T-Mobile’s ‘UnCarrier‘ strategy over the last year, you’ve seen the company eliminate major customer frustration with some simple, yet effective strategies. If you wanted to switch from another carrier to T-Mobile but the steep Early Termination Fee kept you from doing so — no problem. They’ll pay it for you. [...]


Remember That One Song From That One Movie? TuneFind Does.

With the advent of Shazam, you’d think there’d be no need for an online database of songs from movies and TV shows. But let’s be honest—you’re not always going to have your phone with you when you’re watching a random episode of Pretty Little Liars or when you hear a great song in the theater. [...]


Amazon Prime’s New Music Streaming Service

Amazon Prime is the greatest deal out there. For a yearly payment of $99 (or $49 for students)  you’ve been able to get: Free 2-Day Shipping Amazon Instant Video Kindle Owners Lending Library Now, Amazon has added to this great deal by introducing Prime Music. “With Prime Music, you can listen ad-free to over a million [...]


Tim Cook Pens a Press Release to Apple Employees About Buying Beats Electronics

Two weeks ago, after a long month of rumors, leaks, and speculation, Apple confirmed that it had indeed acquired Beats Electronics, makers of the wildly popular Beats by Dre headphones and the Beats music streaming service, for $3 billion in cash and stock. Since the announcement, the Internet has speculated (without rest) the motivation for [...]

Facebook Matching

Facebook Will Help You Update Your Status By Listening

In the early days of Facebook, your status had to begin with the word “is.” Then we were able to tag people within the status. Then locations, songs, movies, and activities. Tagging what you are doing, watching, or listening to has been really successful for Facebook. Over 5 billion users used that feature in the [...]

djay logo

Pump The Jam With djay and Spotify

A party may seem like a dud until the music is changed, then suddenly it’s a party again! There was a time when being D.J. meant carrying around a lot of discs (hence the term “Disc Jockey”), but once again technology has really made things easier. djay is an app from Algoriddin for the iPhone [...]

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