Need Help? These Robots Can Assist You

Robots currently do a lot for us. They put our cars together. They entertain the little ones. But mostly, they star in futuristic dystopian films on the big screen. Until now. This week, Lowe’s announced that it will be introducing retail service robots in an Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose, California, to study [...]


Get the Scoop, the Shot, and the $$$

If you work in marketing, you know the stock photography databases you have to work with; they’re probably bookmarked on your browser right now. But there’s a problem with those stock photos…everyone’s seen them. If you’re a news publisher, you know that your hired photographers can’t be everywhere, all the time…and sometimes they miss the [...]


Circa News 3 Is The Place To Go For Your Daily Brief

This week Circa has rolled out their biggest update yet. Circa News 3. If you haven’t already been using Circa, now is a great time to start. Stay up to date with news and current events that you care about. The update to News 3 introduces some new features. Wire This is a personalized Daily [...]

A New Report Says We’re Spending A Crazy Amount Of Time Using Apps

A New Report Says We’re Spending A Crazy Amount Of Time Using Apps

When it comes to using our digital devices, we are spending an ever-increasing amount of that time inside apps, according to a new report. The report is from Comscore and was published in detail by Marketing Land and indicates that more than 50 percent of our “digital media time” is spent inside apps. The nugget [...]


News And Information You Need In A Daily Email From The Skimm

Remember the good old days when you could read the newspaper while you ate your eggs and bacon in the morning? Then, as you left the house you were already caught up with all of the news and goings on in the town, country, and world? Neither do I. That was before my time. There [...]


See What Searches Are Actually Trending On Google In Real Time

Let’s face it. Trends are trendy. There are Twitter Trends. There’s the newish Facebook Trending box. Articles trend on Mashable and Buzzfeed. Trends are everywhere. And now, Google Trends brings you new ways to discover the search engine’s top trending topics. First, Google displays these trends in super trendy fashion. Just go here to check [...]


This Man’s HTC Smartphone Stopped a Bullet and Saved His Life

What would have otherwise been a crime report followed by an obituary took a surprising turn for the best. A Florida gas station robbery gone wrong left a store clerk with some chest pains. The suspect had fled the store when he realized the employees couldn’t gain access to the safe. As he ran out [...]


New Technology Allows Anyone To Be A Live Cameraperson During Breaking News Events

NBC News has reportedly acquired a company who will bring to the news giant its technology that enables anyone to stream live video from anywhere over their smartphone. The move, which news reports are suggesting is NBC’s big play into user-generated content, would theoretically make it possible for anyone to be a live cameraperson for [...]


My ‘Facepalm’ Transition Away From Google Reader

As you may or may not be aware, the popular RSS feed reader, Google Reader shut down on July 1st amidst the company’s house cleaning that seems to be becoming a trend over the last couple of years. Users of the popular service were urged for months to export their feeds and find an alternative reader before [...]


Prismatic Is A Beautiful Alternative To Google Reader

Last week, I told you about an alternative to Google Reader called The Old Reader, and showed you how to export your current RSS subscriptions. Here’s another RSS reader I’ve been using lately: Prismatic. They saw one of my tweets and got me signed up for a demo. It’s a different take on RSS than [...]

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