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How To Keep Track Of Business Contacts With Days App

Sometimes I find large conferences overwhelming.  With thousands of potential contacts milling about, leading to numerous new friends and business opportunities, I also find it hard to properly organize and keep track of each new relationship. Say hello to the Days app, by Wander.  I previously wrote about Days but focused on using the app [...]


This App Helps You Pack Your Travel Bags Like A Pro

I like to think I’ve got packing for trips down to a science. Hopping on a plane is the same to me as hopping onto the subway or into a car is for other people. Still, it requires some memorization and sometimes “tired me” is a slow packer. Enter the PackingPro app to eliminate excess [...]

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Simplify Travel With These Gadgets And Apps

Sometimes I wonder how we managed in the days before technology.  I certainly remember long car rides across many states while we played “I Spy” or read books.  Today, parents just turn on a movie or hand their kids an iPad and silence ensues. With said technology, travel in general has just been made easier. [...]