Everything You Need To Know About The Sony QX10 And QX100 Cameras

I’ve been keeping track of the QX10 and QX100 leaks and rumors for a while, and the more I think about it, the more the concept grows on me. If you’re not familiar, the QX10 and QX100 are innovative standalone camera systems made to work with your iPhone or Android device and they look just [...]


LG’s New G2 Goes To Space And Back — Shows The Earth From The Stratosphere

LG put together this 2 minute video showing their new G2 superphone going to the edge of space and back. The photos and video it captures with its 13MP optical image stabilized camera are pretty impressive. Watch the video through until the end. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and [...]


How To Make A Camera Using Wooden Popsicle Sticks

A polaroid camera popsicle made of popsicle sticks? Sounds crazy, but fun! Instructions The popsicle stick camera project is not for novices, especially since Maxim doesn’t provide detailed instructions. According to the video, this is what you need to get started: Film Something to back Lens + holder Duct tape Thick paper Hot glue Lollipop [...]


Not Just for Smartphones Anymore: Instagram Comes To The Web

For the first time since it launched in October 2010, Instagram now gives you the ability to browse your feed, and like and comment on your friends’ photos right from the web, no smartphone required. Just login at This new enhancement comes just three months after Instagram rolled out Web Profiles, where you could [...]


Here’s An In-Depth Review Of GoPro Hero 3 Black

We’re big fans of GoPro cameras (who isn’t, these days?) and wanted to bring you the most comprehensive review we’ve seen yet of the Hero 3 Black Edition – the company’s latest and greatest sports / action, abuse-taking, wide-angle, high-def, wicked awesome camera. The video below includes footage from both Hero 3 Black and the [...]


Instagram Photos Get 8,500 Likes Per Second

Photo-sharing social network Instagram is on fire. It released monthly usage statistics for the first time yesterday, and the numbers are impressive. More than 90 million people use the Instagram every month, and post more than 40 million photos to the service every day. Those photos generate more than 8,500 ‘Likes’ and 1,000 comments every [...]


Is Adobe Really Giving Away Photoshop CS2 For Free? Yes And No.

Yesterday, the tech media went nuts reporting that Adobe, makers of Photoshop, began giving away their CS2 product for free. It sounded too good to be true, which is partly why I waited on writing about it. But then, this page on Adobe’s site provided download files for Mac and PC, along with a working [...]


Hey Photographers: Mount A Smartphone To Your DSLR And Get The Attention Of Toddlers

Taking pictures of a child between 9 and 24 months old can be rough. They never seem to sit still, and certainly won’t look into the camera. how do you get their attention? Look Lock® System TetherTools has a sweet little product that will hold your phone for the little child to look at. That [...]


New features and sharing options in Flickr’s app update

Flickr has a new iOS app that has some update loving that is long past due. You know that Flickr missed the mobile boat when Instagram stepped in a stole the show. The hope is that this latest update can up the ante for what a photo sharing app should be. According to Wired: Amazingly, [...]

screenshot sunrise sunset calendar app

Hey Instagrammers, this app tells you the sunrise and sunset times for any location (and no internet connection needed)

I launched another app today I thought you might be interested in. This app is great for photographers, hikers or anyone headed outdoors. The app was designed and built over a weekend in Ogden at an event called Startup Weekend. Two developers, a designer, and a team of business geniuses. Basic Idea We wanted to [...]

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