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Struggling to find the right camera? Try

Looking to buy a camera and don’t know where to start? is the best comparison site I’ve seen. Any site can give you a huge list of specs, but snapsort intuitively helps you discover cameras. It’s incredibly simple. When I was looking into getting a DSLR, came in very handy. Sensible comparisons Most [...]


Review: How good is the iPhone 4S camera, really?

Apple paraded the iPhone 4S as a camera phone to compete with real cameras, not just other camera phones. Does it? Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: The photos will be good, but they won’t be great unless you understand at least a little bit about what you’re doing. Here a few basics tips about shooting [...]

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Photoshop’s Magical Unblur Function

The Adobe team has demonstrated a sneak preview of a potential Photoshop function that would let you fix blurry photos. Here’s the video. Be prepared for some really big Ooohs and aaahs. “There’s no way you did that.” – Rainn Wilson “Let’s enhance that” Like Rainn Wilson and much of the audience, you may have [...]

Lytro “Light Field Camera”

Lytro Camera: The Most Unique You’ve Ever Seen

Lytro sets the focus after taking the photo Lytro, inc. has developed a camera that saves you time when taking photos by removing the need to focus. You take a picture, then choose the focus afterwards. It’s also tiny. The camera is basically a lens with three buttons and a touch screen. You’ll never have the tragedy [...]


Made for photographers: It’s not just the hardware camera on the iPhone that got better.

Volume Shutter Button I love the double-click lock screen camera shortcut option as much as the next guy. But the physical Volume-Up button that acts as a shutter button while using is by far the best new feature. Long Distance Shutter Button Did you buy a Glif? Do you want to use it like [...]

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Camera ball takes 72-megapixel 3D panoramas.

The Panoramic Camera Ball: It’s an entirely new kind of photo bomb. Toss it in the air, and it shoots everything in sight. As the name indicates, the ball takes panoramic photos of everything around, above, and below the ball. The ball has 36 two-megapixel cameras, so the ball is essentially a 72-megapixel camera. I can just [...]


Where Were You When Steve Jobs Died?

Okay, so I know that the passing of Steve Jobs isn’t news anymore (and if it is news to you I suggest you change your address from 123 Under-A-Rock) but I thought I’d share a pretty unique perspective on his passing. Until just a few days ago, I spent the week in New York City [...]


JVC Combines High-speed Photo And Video In Its Hybrid Camera

The line between the camera and the camcorder started to fade years ago, but JVC’s Hybrid GC-PX10 officially combines the two. Ever had a conversation go like this? “Can I borrow your camera? I need to record a video.” “Oh, you mean my camcorder? Sure.” There used to be a big difference between a “camera” [...]


Here Come The Nikon 1 System Cameras

Have you been looking for a compact + interchangeable lens camera?  Check out this sleek new Nikon 1 System Cameras. With its beautiful and functional blend between technology and style, it is a mix between Micro Four Thirds, DSLRs, and compact cameras. This month Nikon is launching 2 models the J1 and V1. The V1 is [...]


Instagram 2.0 Yes Please!

On Instagram’s one year anniversary with nearly 10 millions users they launched Instagram 2.0 complete with a fashionable shiny new icon.  Photo resolution is 10 times higher and taking pictures is 200 times faster. The rest of the features include: Instant live filters and live tilt and shift.  Four new photo filters were added the [...]

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