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Luxogram gives you your Instagram on the web (post by @brettbristow22)

Instagram has recently gained millions of new users with the release of the Android app. If you are one of them, or even a veteran iPhone user, you have probably wondered how to see your stream of photos online. Luxogram provides you with the ability to use many of the interactive and social elements of Instagram on [...]

iPad cases by iFrogz

Polaroids Are Back!

Remember those cameras that would instantly print the picture you just took? The Polaroid? Most people remember them from their childhoods and know that even then, they were hard to come by. Hardly any of these cameras have been in production for quite a while but for now, Polaroid has made the PoGo. I think [...]


Indoor cloud pictures. Some pretty heavenly art.

Sometimes clouds seem surreal. The sit up in the atmosphere, untouchable, separate and ethereal. Even flying in a plane, as close as they get, clouds feel very far away. Art Clouds Dutch artist named Berndnaut Smilde has found a way to bring clouds (at least in art) a bit closer to home. Smilde has found [...]


Take Pictures From Afar With Belkin’s Wireless iOS Camera Remote

Vanity Shot! Alright, who’s wanted to take a vanity shot with their iPhone? I think we’ve all at least thought about it. In fact, if you have tried, you might have given up because after three attempts you still didn’t have a good looking picture. Software solutions? The iPhone comes with quite a few awesome [...]

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Why Do Photographers Love Google+?

Photographers love Google+. Why? I’ve noticed that photographers love Google+. Why? In addition to being easier than Facebook, Google+ has several features that are better for collaboration and creation. Share circles Many photographers create and share entire lists of photographers, making it easier to discover new photographers. Here’s an example: Circle of Inspiration by Colby Brown. [...]


Cinemagraphs: Moving Photographs Straight Out of Harry Potter

If you were like me as a preteen, you wished Harry Potter was real. How could you not? It was just so…magical! So naturally when I heard about Cinemagraphs, I was really excited. A Cinemagraph is a moving picture. Straight out of Harry Potter. Cinemagraphs have been around for a while, 2009 to be exact. [...]

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Why I bought an iPad – just for iPhoto. Yes, iPhoto was the deciding factor

No, you didn’t read that backwards. Apple just announced the iPhoto app for iOS. Some people will buy iPhoto for their iPad. I’m buying the iPad for iPhoto. Why? iPhoto makes the iPad an even better mobile device. Mobility is crucial for photographers. That’s why the iPhone is #1 on Flickr, why the Lytro camera is amazing, and [...]

ipad 3 five megapixel camera

Apple Announcement: The new iPad will have 5 Megapixel Camera. Huh?

Why is Apple upgrading the back camera? Here is the truth: you don’t want to use your iPad to take pictures or shoot movies. It’s not big, it’s massive. Have you ever seen someone try to shoot a movie with the back camera on the iPad. They look ridiculous. I’m not saying that lens is [...]

Details of the Lytro camera

A Revolutionary New Camera Lets you Alter Photos You’ve Already Taken

Ever wished you could go back and edit the content of a photo you’ve already snapped? Focus on this feature instead of that one? A revolutionary new “light field” camera lets you do just that. Created and recently released by a Silicon Valley start-up, the Lytro camera is unlike anything currently on the market. Lytro [...]


Scalado magically erases background junk from mobile photos.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good picture in a busy area. That’s why Scalado made mobile software that magically removes unwanted background objects. Here’s how it’s supposed to work: How it works: Video It seems like Scalado uses video to see what objects can be removed. They created similar software last year called Rewind, [...]

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