Cool Stuff at CES 2012: XShot makes MySpace pics done right.

The XShot 2.0 is a unique camera mount that makes self-portraits actually look good. Instead of holding the camera at arms length, you can hold it farther away from your faces. Instead of two or three faces squished together, you and your friends can get everything you want in the frame. The XShot 2.0 extends up to [...]


The Red Scarlet-X 4K camera: HD times 4

HD just isn’t good enough anymore, and the new RED Scarlet-X is promises 4x the resolution of HD. The Scarlet-X seems to be making film makers pretty happy. It only makes sense – the development of the Scarlet-X was announced three years ago and just recently became available. How much does it cost? It’s tough to [...]


Use your iPad as a picture frame with this sweet stand.

Have you ever looked at your iPad and thought it would make the perfect picture frame on the wall? But thinking about putting a $500-900 device up for displaying pictures and nothing else makes you almost laugh uncontrollably. So here’s a novel concept: An iPad stand that doubles as a picture frame. That’s the idea [...]

The $5.99 SnapHeal May Just Become Your Go-To Photo Editor

When I think of popular photo editors, I immediately think of Adobe Photoshop, the premier image editor for photographers and graphic designers. I’ve used it for years, and it’s served me well. I have complete control over every aspect of the image I am editing or creating. But sometimes, that high level of control is [...]

Faster Than the Speed of Light? MIT’s New 1 Trillion Frames-per-Second Camera

Researches at MIT have created a camera that is making headlines all over the world. Amazingly, it can capture visual data at a rate of one trillion frames per second! As it turns out, that is fast enough to capture light in motion on camera. And the price tag? A cool $250,000. To call this camera “high [...]


“Funny, but true: Granny’s advice on techno-gadgetry”

Apparently grandma has a lot of technamalogical wisdom to impart to you. She may confuse left-clicking with right-clicking or forget how to turn the computer on, but she knows a lot more than you think. Here are some of her best tips, by Chaco Puebla: “Vimeo has more quality but Youtube has more content.” “Don’t [...]

iPhone Serial Number

Protect Your Stuff By Writing Down Serial Numbers

Imagine, you’re sitting there peacefully talking on your iPhone while walking down the street when, all of a sudden, you’re blindsided by a thug who grabs your phone and takes off. You didn’t even get to say goodbye. Unfortunately, this situation is becoming all-too-common around the country. San Francisco police reported 40 cell phone robberies in November [...]


Create posters and books with your Instagram photos with Printstagram

Holy circles Batman! We went from printed pictures to digital, and then back to print again. Instagram is one of the best sharing services out there. Not only does it let you share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, and every other service you desire, you can also add some pretty cool effects and filters. Physical [...]


‘Tis the season for killer deals on cameras: Here’s a $99 Nikon!

Tis the season for killer deals on cameras!!! Check out this Nikon L105 12.1 Megapixel Camera for a screaming $99 brought to you by Target . Comes fully loaded with all the essentials such as; Image Stabilization to reduce blur, D-Lighting to boost your photos right on your camera, the awesome and futuristic Face Detection [...]

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 9.27.04 AM

Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial

Check out this killer new accessory for your iPhone brought to you by Photojojo. There have been oodles of lens kits that have been released for the iPhone camera but this little gem the iPhone Camera Lens Dial case is one worth talking about. Let’s be honest having multiple lens is awesome, but trying to keep track [...]

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