As Early As 2004, The NSA Could Locate Your Cell Phone (Even When Turned Off)

As early as 2004, long before the majority of Americans even had mobile phones, the National Security Agency (NSA) could pinpoint you using your own device, even if it was powered off. Dana Priest of The Washington Post writes: With the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the surprisingly quick disintegration of postwar conditions there, the [...]


Here’s How An Android App Is Fighting Crime In New York

Google’s popular mobile OS is helping officers in the big Apple combat crime through an innovative, connected app. Last summer, 400 on foot NYC patrolmen were outfitted with Android smartphones that cannot make or receive calls, but rather, send and receive data from the force’s criminal databases. Officers can now access criminal records, photographs, license [...]


Clean Up Your Facebook Profile With This App That Removes Unwanted Posts And Photos

SimpleWash is an app on Facebook that will scrub your profile of unseemliness. Did you have too much fun on spring break? Was there a Bieber phase you’re no longer proud of? Or perhaps you finally realized that writing updates utilizing teen text speak (e.g. 2 for too, u for you, r for are) is not [...]


VinePeek: Watch Vine Videos From Perfect Strangers

Yesterday, we told you all about the new video sharing app, Vine. But here’s something we just found today: there’s already a website that takes videos straight from the public feed and lets you watch complete strangers, 6 seconds at a time. If you’ve made and shared videos with Vine already, yours has probably appeared [...]


Do you accept friend requests from strangers? [POLL]

Have you ever been friended by a stranger? I have, and it seems like the trend is increasing. // <![CDATA[ document.write(""); // ]]> A decade ago, we were much more cautious of strangers online. Now, apps such as, highlight, and Situationist have been created to connect you with people nearby — often total strangers. Chatroulette starts [...]

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3 Years Later, You Can Finally Delete Your Facebook Pictures

You know you’ve been there. You wake up one morning, get on your computer and groggily log into Facebook and wake up instantly when you see those, well, unglamorous pictures from the night before. Texts From Last Night has made an entire business out of that moment. What happens next is you go to delete the [...]

British Airways

Does British Airways ‘Know Me’ Too Well?

British Airways’ Know Me program is the first of its kind in the airline industry. Know Me uses Google images to ID some of its customers, so far it’s the first-class ones, before they even arrive at the airport. The story has started to spread through news outlets with some crying foul over the perceived [...]

iPad dictation Features

The dictation capability on the new iPad is excellent, but is it legal?

I read this post on Cult of Mac a bit ago, and decided to do some research. I spoke with our compliance department to confirm the assumptions of the author and they seem to be true: If you use your iPad dictation for work, you could be breaking the law. Apple does it’s speech to [...]

google ad

Google patent may tap in to your Android phone to serve ads

Google has applied for a patent customizing advertisements based on data from your phone, such as phone calls. The patent, called Advertising based on environmental conditions, reminds me of a brilliant video by The Onion titled New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users’ Ears: Google’s purpose In contast with The Onion’s depiction, [...]


Could you get fired for Facebook?

There were rumors floating around that the Facebook “shoulder-surfing” would spread across the nation. Unfortunately for one Michigan teacher’s aide, the rumors became her reality. The act of “shoulder-surfing”, or the new trend of employers requesting permission to look at their employees’ Facebook pages is forcing some people to keep their profiles clean if they [...]

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