Microsoft Office Comes To iPad And Android

Since the iPad was first introduced in 2010, it’s been difficult for most to use as a production tool. Lots of us still rely on our computers for the heavy lifting and day to day tasks. We think of tablets more as consumption devices since they’re easy to cuddle up with on the couch. While [...]


Wunderlist 2: The best productivity app update I’ve seen in a long time

Not only is this one of the best updates to a productivity app I’ve seen in a long time, this is the best productivity app commercial I’ve seen as far as I can remember. Every Major Platform Launching any new product is difficult. Launching a software product on a single has it’s own difficulties. Launching [...]

creating a signature in preview with your isight camera

How To: Use your Mac to sign a document

This one is worth sharing just in case you’ve never heard of it, or forgot it existed: iSight signatures. The feature was added quite a while ago, but I recently remembered how awesome it was when I signed a document without printing it out. Signing Documents It’s always been possible on OS X to scan [...]


#WWDC 2012: Documents in the cloud is exactly what iWork needed (by @mrgnw)

iWork, Apple’s equivalent of Microsoft Office, is three years old. As WWDC 2012 approached, I prayed that Apple would update iWork. But what needed to be updated? Documents in the Cloud More than anything else, I wanted iWork to synchronize documents better between iOS devices and Macs. Documents in the cloud is exactly what was [...]

microsoft office sucks

Is Microsoft Office really a must for business and education?

I’ve done a good amount of work in Microsoft Office and have trained others to use it, but I ditched Office 3 years ago when I started creating documents on my Mac with Apple’s iWork. When I heard blogs bustle about how Microsoft Office is coming to the iPad soon, I decided to give Microsoft [...]

Need To Bounce app

Never be late again with an app that combines calendar, GPS, and traffic

It’s happened to many of us: You’re sitting in a meeting, and you have another appointment coming up across town, and you’ve slated 20 minutes to get to the next appointment because it never takes more than 20 minutes to get to that part of town. But then, while driving to the meeting, you encounter [...]


Reasons to keep Google Docs, and reasons to look elsewhere – via @jkhowland

I’m ditching Google. Some of the information that had to be moved or cleaned up was a group of 100 documents spread between my Google Docs accounts. What is it about Google Docs that make them desireable? Man did I get a hard time about leaving Google. Some of my friends were skeptical that this [...]


Microsoft vs. Google = You and I win.

Apple and Google are in a pretty obvious war. It seems that little things here and there are popping up, showing that the once sweet partnership is becoming more bitter every day. The interesting role in the story is a third party: Microsoft. Between the recent Googlighting video, and a blog post from Microsoft on [...]


Omni Group app coming to iPad – $200 for the Mac version? $100 for the iPad version?

I can honestly say that I’m a pretty big Omni Group fanboy. I use a lot of their software frequently, and OmniFocus hourly.  At the recent Macworld iWorld Expo, Omni Group representatives announced that they would be releasing a version of OmniPlan for the iPad. For those who aren’t familiar with OmniPlan, it’s a Mac [...]

CloudOn [DONE] CloudOn brings Microsoft Office 2010 to the iPad! Yay

CloudOn brings Microsoft Office 2010 to the iPad! Yay?

CloudOn is Microsoft Office on the iPad. It was so popular that they had to pull the app. Various apps already let you edit Word and Powerpoint files, but they aren’t Microsoft Office on the iPad. This one looks identical to Microsoft Office on Windows. That’s nice, but it’s also the problem. Here’s what Wired [...]

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