Scan.me helping businesses fix QR codes

Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web had an interesting post on Scan.me. “They’re a Google Ventures-backed company that’s doing some very cool things to fix QR Codes.” Scan has already done some cool things you can do with QR codes. They create personal scan pages, like having a digital business card, and give you the [...]


Facebook paints enormous QR code on roof of new company headquarters

Facebook employees have spent a significant amount of time decorating their new Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters in recent weeks, but a feature some employees put in the roof of one of the facility’s buildings might take the prize for a nerd version of feng shui. TechCrunch is reporting (with plenty of images) that employees painted [...]


Scavenger Hunt: Earn $40,000 by finding the military’s QR codes

Ready for a giant scavenger hunt with a giant pot of cash at the end? You can win up to $40,000 if you’re the first to find the U.S. military’s QR codes hidden across the country. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency developed the “DARPA CLIQR Quest” as a real-life game to simulate how the [...]


QkR app lets you order popcorn from your seat

Movies & popcorn is an age-old tradition. Now you can order snacks from your seat with an app called QkR. I always want snacks at movies, but I often don’t decide that I want something until I’m already sitting down. How it works: QR + NFC From Springwise: “QkR — pronounced “quicker” — was developed [...]


Reinventing Business Cards

You’ve all seen them –the uber-boring business cards that people leave behind or that sit on counters in various offices.  Usually they are white with black ink, the name of the person and their contact information either printed up in the corner or in the center.  Isn’t the whole point of a business card to [...]