3 Vital Tips To Secure Your iCloud Account

It was a tough weekend for some of our beloved celebrities. iCloud was hacked and hundreds of private photos have been released. Victims included Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and many more. These women believed that the photos they were taking with their phones were safe. This flagrant violation of privacy and security is [...]


Would You Replace Your Passwords with a Familiar Face?

I think we can all agree: password rules are the worst, and they’re not getting any better. With more and more sites popping up where we need passwords, we’re told that having the same password for multiple sites is a big no-no. We’re also told to include a capital letter, a number, and sometimes a [...]


Due To Cyberattack, Ebay Asks Users To Change Passwords

This morning eBay announced that due to a cyberattack, they will be asking all users to change their passwords. Even if you are like me and haven’t used your eBay account for a long time, it’s still there, and that password still needs to be changed. eBay is assuring us that there has not been [...]


Google Secures Gmail Communications Between Data Centers For Your Privacy

In a blog post dated March 20, Google gets proactive about letting you know how your Gmail data is stored and transferred between its data centers. From the time you login until you logout, you’re always using an HTTPS encrypted connection. This means all your sent and received messages can’t be intercepted by prying eyes [...]


Google Beefing Up Android Security; Update Continually Checks For Malware

If there’s one thing Android gets a bad rap for, it’s security. It doesn’t seem like there’s a week that goes by that we’re not seeing reports of some app in the Play Store being discovered for containing malware or a virus of some sort, out to steal your personal info. In 2012, Google started [...]


Twitter Accidentally Triggers Mass Reset Of User Passwords

An unknown-but-large number of Twitter users will wake up Tuesday to an email in their inbox telling them to reset their account passwords because their account may have been compromised, but Twitter is saying that email was sent by mistake. Recode.net has details about the accident, which involved the following message being sent to users [...]


Aircraft Maker Boeing Launches ‘Boeing Black’ Modular Smartphone That Can Self Destruct

The world’s largest designer and manufacturer of airplanes has developed the first modular, expandable Android smartphone based entirely on the premise of security. It isn’t a stretch to think of the usefulness of such a device, especially amidst all the wiretapping and hacking going on these days. If the device has been compromised, it can [...]


If Your Password Is On This List, You Should Change It Immediately

Every year, SplashData releases a list of the the most common passwords we use for services around the web. Think of your password for Facebook, Twitter, your email, PayPal, eBay, Pinterest, Pandora or Spotify, and others that require you to sign in. Is it easy to guess? If it’s on this list, the answer is [...]


How To Make Your Passwords More Secure With LastPass

Seemingly every week in the news there are stories about web companies getting hacked, security breaches that result in passwords being exposed and consumer accounts being put at risk. In some cases, the bad guys simply break into customer accounts by using lists of commonly used passwords that many people use out of convenience. There [...]


Here Are The Details About Google’s Changes To Its Terms Of Service

On Friday, Google announced that a new set of terms of service for using its services would go into effect on Nov. 11. The search giant, acknowledging that people are not likely to read a document full of legal jargon, broke the three major changes to the terms down into simple details in this blog [...]

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