Twitter Introduces Two-Step Authentication To Increase Security For User Accounts

Twitter introduced a new security feature Wednesday that, if enabled on user accounts, will go a long way toward preventing said accounts from being compromised by hackers or “phishers.” Two-factor authentication is the new feature, and it works by requiring a verification code in addition to a user’s password before access is granted to a [...]


Twitter Getting Closer To Two-Step Authentication

After yesterday’s hack of Associated Press’s Twitter account, reports are coming to light that Twitter has been working on a two-step authentication process. Right now, it is still in the internal testing phase and no projection date has been set as to when it will be launched. I am sure a bit of urgency has [...]


This Key Uses Bluetooth To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Children Or Valuables

Do you have a problem with misplacing your keys? Or do you have small people (or maybe big “children”) that have a tendency to wander? The makers of hipKey™ felt those pain points and came up with a solution in the form of a small trackable key. I can’t say I’ve never heard of a [...]


I Used Find My Mac To Recover My Stolen Laptop, Now It’s Time For More Advanced Solutions

I’m lucky. Sunday night outside my Seattle apartment, my car was broken into and my backpack was stolen with my MacBook Pro inside. This story ends somewhat happily, as my laptop was recovered by police within four hours of reporting the burglary, but the point of the post is to encourage all readers to protect [...]


Keycard Is A Brilliant, Simple Way To Keep Your Mac Secure When Unattended

Keycard is a Mac application that locks your computer when you walk away, and unlocks it again when you return, just by pairing with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Why You Need It Whether you’re using a Mac that never leaves the desk (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro), or a MacBook that moves [...]


MasterCard is adopting new credit card technology for a more secure card

The next big thing in ‘credit card technology’ seems to be making it’s way to Singapore. The card has buttons and an LCD screen that will only allow payment from the card if the user enters their PIN number. The problem? This isn’t new technology. I read an article on this technology from Geekologie back [...]


Lockitron: Lock your door from anywhere in the world

Locking the front door is one of the most basic habits during the daily morning routine however, the act has become so second nature to some of us that it leaves us questioning if the door really is locked in the first place. (Trust me, I’ve found myself wondering more often than not if I [...]

antisec releases iphone million

AntiSec published 1,000,001 iPhone UDID codes… Did they publish yours?

AntiSec has released over a million iPhone device IDs that they claimed they obtained while ‘auditing’ the FBI. The report on is rather hard to read, but includes this quote explaining where the files came from: During the second week of March 2012, a Dell Vostro notebook, used by Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. [...]

3d human with key and locker in hands

Was Your Password Hacked?

Password databases are getting hacked all the time these days, or at least it feels like. You might have recently read that Yahoo! lost over 450,000 unencrypted passwords. Sony had 77 million accounts breached in 2011, with over 1 million password without any cryptographic protection. A few months ago even the state of Utah had [...]


Do you know what to do if you lose your smartphone?

We’ve all felt that feeling, that moment of panic. Where’s my phone? Seriously, where? Did I leave it in the car? It’s got to be in the car, right? It is indeed almost always in the car or some other simple place where misplaced things go to hide. But what if your phone is really [...]

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