How to secure your new iPad’s personal hotspot from data thiefs (by @jkhowland)

If you’re like me, one of the driving factors to getting the new iPad was the blazing fast internet and personal hotspot capabilities of the newest model. In fact, in my area, Verizon LTE is faster than Comcast Xfinity. We’re loving our iPad. The problem is the new iPad’s data plans are a bit of [...]


Adorable Bag Clip Keeps Others From Eating Your Chips

Innocent looking makes it work to Keep yo hands off my momma, keep yo hands off my Doritos. Sometimes for security to be most effective, it can’t be obvious. In fact, the more innocent it looks the more surprised you are when it slaps you in the face. Take a look at this Singing Bird [...]

Stolen iPhone

Major iPhone Security Flaw Lets Thieves Act As You on Stolen iPhones

One of the highly touted features of the iPhone is the feature set that helps you should your iPhone get lost or stolen. Find My iPhone allows you to track, send a message, or remotely wipe your iPhone in case it is misplaced or it falls into untrusted hands. So, if you’re iPhone is stolen, [...]


iMessage Bug Causing Problems With Stolen iPhones

As if having your iPhone stolen isn’t distressing enough, it is becoming apparent that a bug within the iMessage feature, part of the iOS 5 rollout, is complicating things even further.  A story recently surfaced about a stolen iPhone 4S that continued to send and receive iMessages under the Apple ID belonging to the original owner, even [...]

Samsung Gets Off Easy With Big Security Flaw

These types of issues are unbelievable to me. Mostly, because if this were Apple it would hammer every tech site on the web, and would probably even end up in the Wall Street Journal. I guess we don’t expect much more from Samsung. There are versions (read: AT&T) of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S [...]

Cloud security

The Holy Grail of Cloud Security?

Everything is slowly moving to the cloud, and one can’t help but wonder about security. Sony’s network was hacked this summer, exposing one million passwords. Anonymous is hacking various entities. There are even rumors of Anonymous taking Facebook down on November 5. (…And what would we be like without Facebook?) Well, rumor has it that [...]

Phone hack

Too easy — How To Hack A Phone Number and How To Protect Yourself

How hard do you think it is to steal somebody’s phone number and get access to all of their voicemails? Not very hard. Check out the video: How to hack like the World reporter Let’s recap, just in case you are to busy (or lazy) to watch the video. How to hack into a person’s [...]

Cars can now be hacked by text

Texting: A New Way For Hackers To Break Into Cars

Hackers can now get into your car by utilizing a simple service like texting. People have always been able to break into cars and security systems. Sometimes it’s people like MacGyver, who magically save the day with a paper clip, but mostly it’s just people that just want to steal your shiny new car. Well, [...]


A Shiny New Internet

Since Americans invented freedom in 1776, a debate has raged over how much freedom is too much freedom. The debate has become especially heated in the last couple decades as it relates to freedom versus security. Terrorists have made it difficult for us to reconcile the two concepts (thanks a bunch). Whereas the issue has [...]


The Eyes Have It: Iris Scanning Technology Is Almost Here

There’s an old maxim: “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.” This may be one of those cases. Iris scanning technology is here, but is being challenged over privacy concerns. The machine takes a picture of your eyeball from a few feet away, then checks it against a database, just like fingerprinting. [...]

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