Everything.me Learns How You Use Your Android Smartphone And Organizes Your Home Screen For You

One thing I love about Android: endless customization. There just isn’t much you can’t change about it to make your phone yours. I’m always on the lookout for new Launchers that are unique and customizable, while being intuitive and simple. The one I’m using right now is called Everything.me. It’s supposed to be dynamic, in that [...]


Which smartphone would you absolutely never buy? This survey has the results.

There’s never been a time where you’ve had more choice about the device you carry with you everywhere, everyday. Yet, we as consumers typically gravitate towards one brand or platform of choice, while shutting out the others. This poll found that 19% of people would absolutely never buy an iPhone. Roughly 1 in 5 people. [...]


This Japanese Gadget Roams Around Your Tablet Or Smartphone Screen And Cleans It So You Don’t Have To

Readers, a couple notes about this post before you read it: I don’t read Japanese. Google Translate couldn’t help me translate what I’m about to show you because most of the page was Flash and images. An awesome Japanese-style video and fantastic imagery will tell you all you need to know about this product. Now, [...]


SlashGear Reviews BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 was unveiled last week, and the fine folks at SlashGear already have a fairly comprehensive review ready and waiting for you. If you’ve been eager to hear how the Canadian company’s latest smartphone stacks up, here’s a few highlights: – “It’s not a bad design, per se, just an uninspired one.” – [...]


When it comes to smartphones, how big is too big? [Poll]

Remember when mobile phones were huge? So big, you had to carry them in a bag? Their battery lasted all of 30 minutes worth of talk-time and they had cumbersome retractible antenas? And then they started getting smaller. Then the external antenas went away, to be replaced internally. They shrank so small, the buttons were [...]


Mom Gives Her 13-Year-Old Son An iPhone For Christmas — Plus An 18-point Contract To Go With It

In this day and age, it’s more and more common to see a teenager with a smartphone. Prices on devices have dropped in recent years, and the monthly service reasonably affordable, too. One mom, Jannel Burley Hofmann, bought her 13-year old son Gregory an iPhone for Christmas, and wrote the following letter / contract to [...]


Ubuntu for Android: Phone meets PC

If you’ve dreamed of the day you’ll be able to use your smartphone as your computer, Ubuntu for Android may be exactly what you’re looking for. So, there’s some good news and some bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: it isn’t available for you, the consumer, right now. You [...]


Dad builds a quadcopter drone to supervise son’s daily trip to the bus stop

Drones are cool. Quadcopters are cool. Watching your kid to the bus stop is also very cool. Paul Wallich over at ieee spectrum decided to put them all together and make a DIY drone to track his kid on the way to the bus stop. Sensors, radios and batteries It takes a bit to make [...]


Jawbone at it again with the new wearable wrist band

Do you remember Jawbone’s first attempt into wearable technology? The UP made a brief appearance for a few weeks before it was recalled, and refunds were issued. The problems with the first model were more than one. Water and sweat would leak into the construction causing a fried circuit board. Furthermore, the board hardware degraded [...]


New Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi home security camera connects to your smartphone

Lately I’ve been following a lot of home automation products and services. You may have noticed. A few weeks ago, Belkin announced a baby monitor that you could follow with your iPhone or iPad. They’re bumping up the stakes a bit and using the technology to deliver a home security package. Night Vision and Wide [...]

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