BYOD: Do You Bring Your Own Device?

Earlier this year, Nielsen released a study showing that 50.4% of Americans with mobile phones have smartphones. In the 25-34 year old age group, that number was nearly 70%. With so many people carrying smartphones, it’s no wonder they’re popping up in more places. And where do we spend a sizable amount of our waking hours? [...]


Stay comfortable in bed or on the couch with this long snake-like stand for your iPhone

Lazy phone users get all the fun toys. Now there is a long snake-like stand for your iPhone to keep you comfortable in bed or on the couch. iPhone Overhead Carpal Tunnel If you’re anything like me, you’ve been there: either late at night, or early morning, holding the iPhone up above your head so [...]


Here’s a video of the ‘World’s Thinnest Smartphone’ pounding a nail into a wooden board

The Oppo Finder claims to be the world’s thinnest smartphone. The device is made by a Chinese company and it just recently launched. The maker wanted to prove the durability of the phone so it made this video:


Is This The Most Pointless Smartphone Accessory Ever? (by @calebhicks)

If you’re in the market for pointless smartphone accessories, then you’ll love the ‘Cube’, a new product featured on KickStarter. Shatterproof! Amplifies audio from your phone! You can put it in different rooms! And it looks great! It has a hole, so you can use it with any smartphone. You can put post-its on it! [...]


Get Extreme Weather Alerts Sent Straight to Your Smartphone (by @calebhicks)

Smartphones are already capable of inundating us with alerts, messages, and updates. New smartphone owners should be prepared for even more – emergency warnings for extreme weather and natural disasters. The Wireless Emergency Alerts system, run by the National Weather Service, will automatically alert smartphone users of tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes. The alerts will be [...]

worst phones lg

Gizmodo: The Worst Phones Money Can Buy

Not everyone owns an iPhone or Android phone, shocking, I know. With the wide number of smartphones available for $199, $99, even $49 or free, it’s amazing what phones that cell phone carriers are still charging for. Gizmodo compiled a list of the Worst Phones that money can buy today. Here are a couple of [...]


A Look At Google Glasses’ Video Capabilities

By now you’ve likely heard of Google Glasses, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown of what they are.  These futuristic-looking and wearable eyeglasses will enable you to see things the way Google would have you see things.  In other words, the glasses can take pictures and video, they enable you to look at [...]


Insane Kickstarter Success: The Pebble Watch Syncs With Your Smartphone

The Pebble, an incredible watch that works with your smart phone, has already Simply beautiful The apps, how easy it is to download apps, the clock faces, the watch itself… everything about the Pebble looks beautiful. As you’d expect, the Pebble uses Bluetooth. I was hoping it would have Bluetooth 4.0, but 2.1 is good enough. The [...]


Do you know what to do if you lose your smartphone?

We’ve all felt that feeling, that moment of panic. Where’s my phone? Seriously, where? Did I leave it in the car? It’s got to be in the car, right? It is indeed almost always in the car or some other simple place where misplaced things go to hide. But what if your phone is really [...]

text drunk drive

Texting and Driving is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Greg Kumparak at Pando Daily wrote a through-provoking piece last month that I thought worth revisiting. The article is entitled “Shouldn’t we treat those who text while driving just like drunk drivers?” In it, Greg tells the story of two drivers who nearly killed each other in an intersection, yet neither of them noticed because [...]

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