Android and Zune Users: Got iPhone Dock incompatability Woes?

Okay, you know the deal. You own and Android phone or even an iPod shuffle, and you live in an iPhone world. It seems, that no matter where you go – hotels, cars, your mother’s kitchen, and any high quality speaker set – you find a 30-pin dock connector. I once saw a fridge with [...]

Want to be the first Google Wallet Customer? Too late.

There was a pretty good chance that this was going to happen. For many people it is a very memorable moment in the Seinfield franchise. For those of you who don’t or haven’t watched a lot of Seinfield, there is a bit from an episode called “Reverse Peephole” when George refuses to give up his [...]


iPhone 5 Design like the iPad 2? I’d Take That Spread

Talk about an industry with espionage, and a reason to get the inside scoop. Case makers are very interested in what the next iPhone will look like. They would love to get the leg up on their competition. For that reason, many case makers are placing their bets, and have manufactured cases for what they [...]


Want more free TV on your iPad!? Here you go…

I’m very excited about the latest NBC app update! The all-new NBC app allows you to take all your favorite NBC shows on the go. Watch the latest full episodes, view photos, read recaps, play games, keep track and see previews of upcoming shows, and interact with other fans. Features: – FULL EPISODES NOW AVAILABLE! [...]

Carzor razor fits in your wallet

A Razor That Fits In Your Wallet — One Step Closer To The Ultimate Smartphone

“What’s in your wallet? Wait, what? You have a razor in your wallet?” Carzor razor: The razor that fits in your wallet All of you super-mobile tech moguls can finally travel light and still keep that clean-shaven look that the ladies love. Just get the Carzor card-shaped razor & mirror for $17. It’s not a part [...]


39% Of Smartphone Market Is Owned By Android

Who would’ve thought that Android would beat out Apple? I know Android is huge, and continually grows every day; but I never would’ve guessed that it would have a higher ownership in the smartphone market than Apple. So, congratulations Android! According to recent data from Nielsen, Android is the top smartphone operating system in the [...]


Android Increases Market Share by 11%

When I purchased an Android-based smartphone last week, my reasoning was that in the long run, Android would beat out iOS as the dominant mobile operating system. The mobile advertising network Millennial Media boosted my confidence in that assertion when they announced that Android not only remains the most-used OS, but has significantly increased its [...]


Get the Most From Your Android Phone

Now that I’m officially an Android user, I’m looking for the best ways to get the most out of my smartphone. With the incredibly vast array of apps in the Android market, it’s been tough for me to find the best of the bunch. I’m not a download junkie, and so I feel like I [...]


iMessage to destroy text messaging plans?

Apparently, according to Daring Fireball, iPhone carriers AT&T, Verizon, and others found out about the new messaging app at the keynote yesterday. iMessage gives iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users free and unlimited text, picture, video, location, or data messaging between iOS 5 devices (iPhones, iPod touches, & iPads).


Apple More Valuable Than Microsoft+Intel

A while back we had some posts on this blog discussing how Apple has become the most valuable brand, ever.  Recently the Cupertino Company has been valued as much more than just the most valuable brand, however. MacDailyNews did some number crunching on Friday once the market had closed and predicted Microsoft at a market [...]

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