Facebook Removing Chat And Messages From Apps; Forces You To Download ‘Messenger’

If you’re using an iPhone, this is old news, but something you probably noticed a few weeks ago. If you’re using an Android phone, your time is coming. Facebook, in its ongoing quest to dominate your smartphone home screen, is removing the chat and messaging functions from its main app and instead, will require you [...]


Surprise: Study Finds That Too Much Facebook Use Causes Depression

You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming. Maybe you’ve already noticed it about yourself or other people in your life. It seems like every day, someone I know is “taking a break” from Facebook and deleting their account for a while. A new study published by two psychologists at the University of Innsbruck [...]


Instagram Passes 200 Million Active Monthly Users

In a blog post Tuesday, Instagram announced they’d crossed the 200 million active users mark, which is quite the figure for a company just three and a half years old. 50 million users have joined in the last six months alone. If you recall, the Internet nearly exploded when news broke that Facebook was buying [...]


‘Secret’: This App Let’s You Social Network Anonymously

We’ve all had something to say at one time or another that just didn’t seem appropriate to say out loud or to post publicly on our social media profiles. Yet, the emotional side can get the best of us and we end up looking like fools later. Other times, we just wish for a way [...]


Twitter Does A 180, Removes Option To Receive DMs From Anyone

Last month, Twitter gave all users the ability to decide whether they wanted to receive DMs from all their followers, even the ones they didn’t follow back. Twitter has experimented with this since at least December 2012, when some users first found the option in their account settings. This update was pushed out quietly, as [...]


This Lady From Oklahoma Tried To Sell Her Kids On Facebook For $4,000

No matter how crazy they may make you, it should go without saying that you can’t actually sell your kids. There are laws against that kind of thing. But that sure didn’t stop one 22-year old mother of two kids from trying. She posted numerous times on Facebook offering to sell them and actually had [...]


Things You Buy Offline May Soon Affect Ads You See On Facebook

If you’ve ever paid close attention to the ads you see in the sidebar of Facebook, you’ve probably noticed they change depending on your ‘Likes,’¬†demographics, or internet activity. For example, if you look at the image to the left, I can reasonably explain why most of those ads are appearing. ZAGG, the first one, should [...]


Facebook’s 9th Birthday: Here’s A Look At All The Redesigns

On this day nine years ago, Mark Zuckerberg launched “The Facebook”, which was first restricted to Harvard students only. It’s been open to anyone and everyone officially since September 2006. In that time, it’s undergone several redesigns, which add features and functionality, and incorporate new technology the company develops. For nostalgia sake, here’s a look [...]


VinePeek: Watch Vine Videos From Perfect Strangers

Yesterday, we told you all about the new video sharing app, Vine. But here’s something we just found today: there’s already a website that takes videos straight from the public feed and lets you watch complete strangers, 6 seconds at a time. If you’ve made and shared videos with Vine already, yours has probably appeared [...]


All 100 U.S. Senators Are On Twitter

There’s no doubt about it: social networks have fundamentally changed how we consume news (did you find this story on Facebook/Twitter?), interact with each other, and keep up with the people, companies, groups and organizations that matter to us. On Friday, a blog post from Twitter announced that all 100 sitting U.S. Senators have active [...]

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