Improve Your Golf Swing By Clipping This Gadget Onto Your Clubs

If you’re a golfer, then you know how infuriating having something wrong with your swing can be. You might be slicing, you might be fading, but whatever the problem is, you’d love to fix it but oftentimes it’s difficult without professional help to know what exactly you’re doing wrong. This bit of technology seeks to [...]


How To Live Stream The Super Bowl If You Don’t Have Cable

This one is for all you cord cutters out there. For the first time, Fox will offer a free live stream of the Super Bowl to those of us who don’t pay for cable or satellite. On February 2, the Fox Sports Go iPad app will give you a free one day “preview” during the [...]


Here’s An In-Depth Review Of GoPro Hero 3 Black

We’re big fans of GoPro cameras (who isn’t, these days?) and wanted to bring you the most comprehensive review we’ve seen yet of the Hero 3 Black Edition – the company’s latest and greatest sports / action, abuse-taking, wide-angle, high-def, wicked awesome camera. The video below includes footage from both Hero 3 Black and the [...]

DRIFT44 SKILL – DRIFT PARKING (ドリフト駐車) – YouTube

VIDEO: Drifting Remote Control Cars… Way cooler than it sounds

One of the best things about this job is that I have to flip through tech news and watch YouTube videos. This one is pretty slick: You wouldn’t think that someone could pick up remote control car driving skills like this, but it seems they can. Each part of the car is hand picked and [...]

men throwing rocks with the other hand – YouTube

VIDEO: Men throwing rocks with the other hand

Alright geeks, football season is upon us. I am very excited. It once was that the cross-section of sports lovers and technology lovers was very small. It seems, of late, that our niche group is growing. Some of you might be post-grad college athletes, others might have never played a competitive team sport. Either way, [...]

adidas smart mls

Sensors and electrodes in soccer jersey will put live player analytics on a coaches iPad

This is one of the sweetest technological advancements in sports I’ve ever seen. A small data cell nested between the player’s shoulder blades, protected by a pocket of fabric and connected to electrodes woven into the athlete’s base layer marks a bold step into the future of professional soccer. This is all about gathering sports [...]


Will Siri crush our usage of search? (via @jkhowland)

One of the best things about an upgraded operating system is that you get more from the features you already know and love. Siri is the feature that seemed to pick up the most in iOS 6. Some updates make a single feature better. Some updates make one feature so useful that another seems worse. [...]

play and connect

New tennis racket prototype has potential to truly improve your game (by @ashmo6)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you know that technology is taking over almost every aspect of life. From social and professional to educational and entertainment related. But, what about the sports world? Sure we’ve seen the watches that track everything from heart rate to calories burned during your [...]


St. George IRONMAN ZAGG sponsored team

ZAGG sent a team of hard core athletes out to the southern Utah desert to compete in the St. George Ironman. The race wasn’t all sand and tumbleweed. The competition backdrop included Sand Hollow Reservoir, Snow Canyon and the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Here was the breakdown of where they’d be racing: The swim will [...]


Hey golfers, here’s why you need Golfshot

Springtime is upon us. Cities all over the country are heating up and breaking seasonal records. With springtime comes golf. If you’re like a lot of people I know, you’re going to want something to track your progress over the warmer months as you dust off the sticks and head for the course. Enter Golfshot, [...]

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