Is the iPhone the answer to T-Mobile’s problems? (by @jkhowland)

The small mobile carriers aren’t the only one desperate for the iPhone. I had the iPhone on T-Mobile for a few years, and I can tell you that the internal memo suggesting “poor customer experience” wasn’t far off. Making Changes It sounds like T-Mobile would like to change that. The nation’s No.4 carrier is working [...]

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The Sundance Swag Festival

Where there are celebrities, there is swag, and the Sundance Film Festival is no exception. Heaven forbid anyone start focusing too much on the actual films, nearly a dozen gift suites opened their doors the first Friday of the festival along Park City’s Main Street. The swag suites have become a regular, rather gross, part [...]


You can buy a GSM unlocked iPhone 4S from Sprint?

It’s been a long time since carriers in the US have had to compete with each other. The smaller more competitively priced carriers tend to be regional (Cricket) or losing (T-mobile). Verizon doesn’t have to offer a GSM SIM unlock for it’s customes in order to push competitive advantage. They are seemingly happy where they [...]


Will AT&T Ever Be AT&T&T-Mobile?

Remember the news that AT&T was going to try to acquire T-Mobile, the Deutsche Telekom-owned company?  Well, they’re still trying, but they’ve run in to quite a few snags.  The merging of two of the nation’s largest cellular providers was certainly big news and would be major trouble for other providers (Sprint definitely doesn’t want [...]


U.S. Government Tries To Block AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

For those of you who haven’t heard the news – though I hope you all have – AT&T and T-Mobile are merging…or at least that was the plan. Up until last Wednesday, AT&T was set to merge with T-Mobile in a “$39 billion takeover”, but the U.S. Justice Department was not about to let that [...]


Verizon Is Now Putting Monthly Limits On Data Usage

Data plans on cell phones are more popular than ever. Many people even have their whole lives on their phones and can’t go a day without constantly checking e-mails and updating their Twitter account. It’s no wonder millions of people pay for data plans. But things are about to be done differently for Verizon customers [...]


Four New Smart Phones To Check Out

There’s always new smartphones coming out with the latest technology. They come with different apps, Internet, free texting (as an app); you can put your music on them, and use them for so many other amazing things. I know I wish I had a better smartphone, they amaze me with all of the incredible things [...]


Ever wish you could really throw some angry birds around?

The latest antic from T-Mobile consisted of constructing a live Angry Birds game. …minus the live birds part. But it’s still pretty rad, if you ask me. Users walk up to a booth and control the game using a tablet. As soon as they start play on the tablet, the game comes to life right in front of them! Wouldn’t you love to see this on your way to work one morning? Sounds like a great excuse to be late to me.

AT&T Merger

Sprint Speaks Out

Will the AT&T/T-Mobile merger create a monopoly? Will it destroy the progress telephone and cell phone companies have made since the Ma Bell duopoly many years ago? Well Sprint certainly thinks so. The cell-phone carrier, Sprint, has released a press release informing the public they are against the much talked about merger between two of [...]


FLASH! (Nope, it’s not Adobe)

By now you have probably seen some funny flash mob videos on YouTube.  The idea of the flash mob has been fairly popular for different marketing campaigns (the T-Mobile dance comes to mind), but they’ve also found there place in the world of “just because.”  A lot of the flash mob videos have a bunch [...]

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