Newsweek won’t be the last publication to go digital only

What does it mean for the industry for a big publisher like Newsweek to shut the doors on their print edition? As of 2013, the big giant will go ‘all digital’. Newsweek Editor Tina Brown wrote a memo about the news to the staff. She announced the end of the issue, and expressed confidence in [...]

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Tablets in education raise a lot of questions. Amazon has an excellent answer

Technology is coming to the classroom. Tablets help kids learn. Tablets help teachers teach. Study and tests have consistently shown that when you deploy tablets in the classroom good things happen. There are some technical and financial obstacles that are holding back these devices from massive adoption. As time moves on these obstacles are being [...]


ASUS Announces Second Generation Padfone

This week has been all about tablet announcements. The Surface became available for preorder, the iPad Mini announcements were sent out, and ASUS didn’t want to miss out. The ASUS Padfone Boost The ASUS Padfone got an all-around spec boost for the second generation. The display for the phone was increased to a Super IPS+ [...]

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Schools Embrace New Technology in the Classroom

Out with the old, in with the new – technology that is. With the advent of technology, schools are looking to integrate e-readers and other resources into the classroom. Chalkboards and overhead projectors are slowly being replaced by SMART Boards, which allow teachers to integrate the functionality of a whiteboard with those of tablet computer. [...]

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VIDEO: Google’s New Ad Focus Is Family Time With The Nexus 7

You know I love ads. I love marketing. Creating a powerful advertisement is about more than just showing off a neat product in action, or boasting it’s capabilities. For an ad to leave an impression, you have to tell a story. The Nexus 7 is getting quite a bit of attention. Google has released its [...]

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When is the Microsoft Surface release date, and why?

Microsoft just announced a new tablet called the Surface. When will it be available? Microsoft Surface will be released this fall From the keynote: “Retail availability for the … Windows RT PC will be at the time of the Windows 8 general availability, and for the Windows 8 Pro – about 3 months later.” (~44 minutes [...]

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Microsoft Surface Specs: Is This Tablet Really iPad Competition?

Everybody expected that Microsoft would use its “Big Announcement” to showcase a brand new piece of hardware in the tablet space. When the tablet was announced, everybody’s next question was probably, “How does the Microsoft Surface compare to the iPad?” Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions. How much does the Microsoft Surface [...]


The Microsoft Surface Video That’s Topping The Charts

Microsoft announced its new tablet, called the Surface yesterday. Along with the announcement and event at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, Microsoft released a promotional movie for the tablet. The movie looks pretty slick with the water and rock motif playing throughout along with the dubstep audio track. The video has already reached the top [...]


Microsoft Announces Surface

Steve Ballmer and crew gathered at Milk Studios in Los Angeles to publically unveil their very own tablet, called Surface. This is what we know so far: There will be two versions, one running an Intel processor and Windows 8, the other running an ARM chipset with Windows RT. They will come in 32/64 GB & [...]

Microsoft’s CEO has an 82-inch tablet

Microsoft’s CEO has an 82-inch tablet

There’s been a lot of debate over what the perfect size is for a tablet and what is too big. Many argue that the iPad is just the right size. Some Android tablets are slightly larger, or slightly smaller, but nothing…nothing…has come close to match the “tablet” that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has hanging (yes, [...]

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