Preparing for your Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is going to be released next week. Hundreds of thousands of pre-orders will be shipped with accounts already pre-registered on the device. You may have your Fire next week or you might have to wait  to get it on Christmas. Here are a few things you can do in the meantime to [...]

ZAGGflex Back side

Introducing ZAGGkeys FLEX: The Universal Tablet Keyboard And Stand

We’re excited to announce a new product to ZAGG’s keyboard family: The ZAGGkeys FLEX. The FLEX is a standalone keyboard and stand that is compatible with any tablet. It’s lightweight, portable, and effortless to use. It comes with a protective cover that converts into a secure stand that works in portrait or landscape mode. The Bluetooth keyboard [...]


Students and universities dream of digital books, but will it happen?

Tablets have been in every vision of the future I’ve seen. Imagine replacing your 20-pound textbook-loaded backpack with a 1.3-pound tablet. Digital textbooks will make this possible. Digital textbooks also offer a world of potential beyond just words and pictures. Students everywhere have been dreaming about this. It’s time to make the dream come true. [...]


TouchPad for $149 at Best Buy! How?

Starting today, Best Buy is offering these HP TouchPads, the 32 GB model for only $149!  The catch?  You have to also purchase an HP or Compaq Laptop, Desktop or All-in-One computer to get the TouchPad for that price.  If consumers are eager to jump on this deal Best Buy is offering the deal online [...]


How digital textbooks will shape the future

As a student, I’ve thought a lot about what the future of education will be like. Brilliant online learning resources like the Khan Academy and exist, but what about textbooks? Here’s what the future may hold for digital textbooks. There is an incredible amount of potential. Search Writing a paper but can’t remember where [...]


Computers, what is your preference?

From the very first Mac and PC the computer has evolved greatly over the years. Some of the computer industry is evolving so fast that it is even confusing its consumer. Last week I heard someone say to a friend, “Have you seen the new Chromebooks? They are like an iPad but they run Google [...]


Grid 10 for only $299!?

So… The new strategy is, if you can’t make money, make even less money. It seems the goal, rather than ‘become profitable’, for every tablet maker is simple: beat Apple. Fusion Garage isn’t the first to decide to forego actual profits for a bit more user adoption. The Grid 10 dropped their prices ($499 for [...]


The Acer Iconia Tab A100

The Acer Iconia Tab A100. With it’s 7 inch screen and weighing less than a pound that makes it the smallest on the market. It comes loaded with front and rear facing cameras with their 2-5 megapixel range and a 1 GHz Tegra dual core mobile processor. The buttons and ports are pretty standard. It [...]


How Much will Amazon Change for the Kindle Tablet?

Amazon is adding a full, web browsing, app installing, media playing tablet to the repertoire of stuff they sell. Adding a single product to a sea of millions of products may not seem like a big deal. But it is. Buying on Amazon online has always been easy. Buying on Amazon on a mobile app [...]


The Amazon Tablet Looks Nothing Like The Android You’re Used To Seeing

The TechCruch news of the legendary Amazon tablet is pretty amazing. No more conjectures, no more waiting for confirmation. Amazon has given the a member of the media a chance to see, touch, and demo the Amazon Kindle tablet. So, what is it? The gist of it is a 7″ screen that looks and feels [...]

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