iPad 2

After much speculation, rumors, counter rumors, and nervous tapping of feet, Apple has finally released the iPad 2. The latest iteration of the popular product was introduced by the man himself, Steve Jobs. The latest iPad is pretty close to what the rumors had finally sifted out to project: thinner, faster, cameras. Lets go a [...]


iPad is King

The announcement of the iPad 2 is only a short ways away, but the original iPad is still king of the tablets.  Many companies are making their own versions of tablets to compete with the iPad, and many of them have done a decent job of it.  But nobody has been able to dethrone the [...]


Two LAPTOP screens better than one?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about a two screen phone by Kyocera called the “Echo.” Many readers commented on the desire for two screens and would welcome such a feature. A few days ago, my brother told me about a new laptop by Acer called the Iconia that not only featured two [...]


To ‘tab’ or not to ‘tab’?

Okay, the post title was a terrible attempt to coin a phrase that will never come to fruition. To ‘tab’ is referring to using some sort of tablet (larger than your phone) in your day to day life. 2011 is definitely shaping out to be the year of the tablet as the iPad is expected [...]


So Many Tablets, So Little Time

The iPad has opened up a new market for tablets in our gadget-hungry society. So the question isn’t whether to buy one or not; the question is — which one? All of the different tablets compete well with each other, they don’t vary too much in features, and the price is relatively at an equal [...]


Android Honeycomb

The creators of the Android have recently released some great technology devices. The Nexus S and the Android 2.3 have gotten great reviews and feedback. This isn’t it for them, however. Android has recently announced a new interface technology that will be joining Google’s ranks. Ina Fried, from Mobilized, announced earlier today that Google will [...]

best-buy buy back

Best Buy is Buying Back for Free!

Are you one of those early adopters out there who doesn’t have the bankroll to get every new product that is introduced to the market? Well now you can afford to be included in that 13.5% of the population who loves to be the first to have that new phone or iPod with Best Buy’s [...]


Palm Lives! (most likely)

Remember 15 years ago when the word ‘tablet’ most likely referenced something in the past, not the future? These are indeed interesting times as the tech world has been changed by a single product that many originally doubted it’s necessity to turning into the greatest selling electronic of all time. That product is of course [...]


The Future of Personal Computers?

When I first saw the iPad I thought to myself, “that is the future of computers; soon there will be no desktops, no laptops, only tablets.”  Maybe this is quite far off –in fact it is likely to be.  Tablets are not nearly as powerful as a laptop and laptops are usually a few steps [...]


Get in the Kno

I must admit, I’m not crazy about tablets. I know in this day that everything important is ran on a touch screen, but I’m still sold on my attached keyboard. But there is one tablet that I am actually looking into, and its the Kno. Based off  of education and textbooks, the Kno is a [...]

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