McDonald’s May Soon Let Customer Build Own Burger And Order With Mobile Apps

McDonald’s may be turning to technology to reverse declining sales. Business Insider and Foodbeast report that some McDonald’s fast food locations have started using tablet computers in store to allow customers to build their own customized burgers, giving diners an increased variety of options for their meals that can be catered to their taste and [...]


Tesla’s Next Software Update Will Let Owners Start Their Car With Their iPhone

A software updated rumored to be released soon for the operating system in Tesla’s Model S vehicles will introduce new features specifically aimed at integrating the popular electric car with iPhones. Electrek dropped the report with the rumored new features by releasing screen shots of the updates that are expected to come in the next [...]


49ers Build Stadium Suitable For Silicon Valley

Levi’s Stadium, the new home for the San Francisco 49ers, opened their doors to the general public this past weekend and revealed a very tech friendly sporting venue. The 68,000+ seated stadium boasts the fastest and most accessible wifi that we have seen in any another sporting complex; 1,000 access points scattered throughout the stadium [...]

Julian Smith

[Viral Video] The Sad Reality of How Our Gadgets (and WiFi) Own Us All

This week’s viral video from Julian Smith is a reminder of how much we rely on our gadgets. Tablets, phones, laptops, and other devices consume us at times, and when those stop working, we panic. Give it a watch and when you’re finished, step away from whatever device you’re reading this on, go outside, and [...]

National Park-6-24

National Park Service Bans Use of Drones in All 59 National Parks Plus 342 Other Federally Controlled Areas, Effective August 20

The ongoing debate and discussion around the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has a new voice: the U.S. National Park Service. On Friday, Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, signed a policy memo ordering a ban on launching, landing, or otherwise operating drones within the 84 million acres of federally controlled land [...]


Tesla Opens its Portfolio of Patents to Other Automakers in Hopes of Boosting EV Manufacturing

If there’s one thing unheard of in the technology world, it’s the sharing of vital patents. Companies spend millions waging all out war against each other in defense of them, in fact. Needless to say, it’s both a bit surprising, and refreshing, to see Tesla open its portfolio of patents to other automakers with the [...]

jing2 6-12

Your Cup Could Be The Healthiest Choice You’ve Ever Made

Unless you are drinking a can or bottle of soda, it is difficult to notice how many calories or sugars we consume through liquids each day. With any diet or health plan, unknown calories can really hinder your progression, this is where the product Vessyl comes in; Vessyl, a product by Mark One, is the [...]

toytoa 6-11

Toyota Hints That Hover Car Is In The Works

With Googles’ unveiling of their driverless car, you may have thought the future if the automobile has arrived… well Toyota has upped the ante with their hover car announcement. At Bloomberg‘s Next Big Thing conference in Sausalito, California on Tuesday, Toyota’s managing officer Hiroyoshi Yoshiki said that Toyota is making initial attempts to build a hover car [...]


Samsung Announces Advanced Health Tracking Wearable Device

At Samsung’s “Voice of the Body” event in San Francisco they gave sneak peak of their upcoming wearable tech innovation, the Simband. The Simband is being pitched as the most extensive health tracking device on the wearable market, providing the user with instant access to a plethora of information truly making the Simband the “voice of [...]


Robotic Furniture Is Becoming A Reality

Have you ever wished your table could be a couch, or that your nightstand could be a desk? With Roombots, the ability to morph furniture into different designs, may be just around the corner. Roombots are small robotic modules, each with three motors, weighing around 3 pounds. Each module can roll on the ground individually, [...]

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