A Mere 30%

The rumor mill is humming along with the idea that Apple will someday soon sell a full size television set. I believe the rumor is based on four historical truths. Television is the most expensive product in your living room. Apple likes to sell high priced products with high margin. Television is a terrible mess, [...]


The Most Painful iPad 3 Rumor: It’s Going To Be Thicker

The most painful iPad 3 rumor: it’s going to be thicker. Apple’s iPad 3 is rumored to be slightly thicker than the iPad 2, but will have the same 9.7-inch screen size, and will continue to support the magnetic Smart Cover, according to a new rumors. Apparently, an Asian supplier is offering the rumor up [...]

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The Battle of the Behemoths: Call of Duty v. Battlefield

The real battle is in the gaming world this winter, between Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty has ruled the gaming industry since 2008, making a billion dollars a year for its publisher Activision. They have sold 20 million copies at a time and claimed the lead with every version they have put [...]


iPad 3 rumors got hot this week – what’s next?

The rumor mill has recently started pumping out news about the iPad 3. The pulse is usually a pretty good indicator that something is happening. As the beat gets hotter, and heavier, it seems like the product rumors get ridiculous. Don’t believe everything you hear, some of the blogs are just looking to get your [...]


3D Movies: Are they here to stay?

From the early 1950′s until now, hundreds of movies have been produced in a 3D format. Over time, the 3D technology improves and becomes better every time the crowds enter the theatre with each new phase. From the above chart (full size image here) I see a pattern that may or may not be foreshadowing [...]

Do you know a 6th grader that talks like this? At a TED conference? About app development? Check it out

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on TED in a long time. Every once in a while you’ll watch a video and know that you’re learning from someone unique. Thomas Suarez is definitely one of those someones. The smarty-pants 6th Grader goes to a middle school in the South Bay that participates [...]


iPod Nano Watch-band Options Abound

Have you thought about getting a Nano? I’ve been shopping, and share some insight on the options I found. iWatchz has a few models to choose from: Q or Q2 are very similar, a rubber band that holds your iPod securely. The design is awesome. A similar shape to the Q2 models, iWatchz has a [...]

A Parody or Two About Siri

A Duet With Siri. Jonathan Mann ( is one of my favorite parody video makers. Remember his video about taking back your iPhone 4 if you didn’t like it. Now he’s made one about how awesome Siri is. The lines are pretty funny: Siri, do you love me? Siri, you’re very beautiful. Will you marry [...]


Should Apple Create A Siri Status Page?

The iPhone 4S battery was having some trouble, and Apple did ‘the right thing’. But Sascha Segan seems to think the lack of public explanation for the Siri problems in a terrible oversight. Unlike with a complex handset bug that needs lots of testing to verify, it’s relatively easy for Apple to know its servers [...]

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Opening the fridge is so passé – Microsoft’s vision of the future

Microsoft just released a video of what they consider to be the ideal future. It’s an interesting view of the future, strongly focused on displays that are thinner, smarter, and more interactive. They aren’t pulling these ideas out of thin air. Along with each prediction of the future, I will reference existing research and technology [...]

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