This Robot Flies Just Like A Real Bird

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…both? Ladies and gentleman, meet the SmartBird. A team of German engineers and aerodynamic experts have created a shockingly life-like robotic seagull. Its wings and tail flap just as a real bird’s would to make it fly—there are no propellers. With a wingspan of 2 meters, this robo-bird is much [...]


A Fully Functional Cell Phone For The Blind

An Indian entrepreneur, Sumit Dagar, wants to change how the visually impaired communicate via cell phone. He’s designed a prototype phone that “displays” up to 10 braille characters at a time, letting users send and receive text messages and interpret other data their phone might provide. Dagar’s phone, when released, will provide “smartphone”-like features such [...]


This 220-Story Building In China Could Change The Way We Live In The Future [VIDEO]

One could argue that the ultimate “gadget” is a building equipped with lots of technology. If that’s the case, a building scheduled to be built later this year in Changsha, Chian, might be end up being the biggest of big — and the processes that will be used in constructing it are pretty innovative themselves. [...]


This Pilot Gives You A Tour Of His FAA-Approved iPad In The Cockpit [VIDEO]

Back in 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the use of iPads as replacements for flight maps and charts that pilots traditionally have carried on paper. All these books and manual together make for a flight bag weighing in between 30 and 40 pounds that every pilot has to lug around. American Airlines was the [...]


Discussion: What Future Technology Are You Not Looking Forward To And Why?

On the ZAGGblog, we celebrate gadgets, technology, and the benefits they bring to our daily lives. While day-to-day innovations in tech are by and large awesome, the reality is, there are some technologies that are poised to detract from our lives, and possibly be seen as negative for us in the future. The question of [...]


Belkin previews the WeMo Light Switch for automated lighting

Gotta love all of the data and home automation that is popping up and being announced at CES. Belkin has a WeMo line that I’ve reviewed in the past. The WeMo lines include Baby Monitors, Motion Sensors, Control Switches, and now they’ve added a light switch. WeMo Light Switch You can control your light switch [...]


Mom Gives Her 13-Year-Old Son An iPhone For Christmas — Plus An 18-point Contract To Go With It

In this day and age, it’s more and more common to see a teenager with a smartphone. Prices on devices have dropped in recent years, and the monthly service reasonably affordable, too. One mom, Jannel Burley Hofmann, bought her 13-year old son Gregory an iPhone for Christmas, and wrote the following letter / contract to [...]


Curved mouse concept wants to make it easy to carry around a mouse with a laptop

For many users the trackpad simply isn’t an option. I have friends that will only use the mouse. The difficulty is carrying around the mouse with your laptop. The idea of the Clip Mouse is then born. Design Competition In a design competition by Lite-On this was created by Frank Guo. The mouse is made [...]


Esty Innovation: An astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs

I love Kickstarter, and I love Etsy. I love the new online retail services that allow and encourage niche products. If you’re into tech, and costumes, this may be the product for you: Electronic Helmet SimpleAsPi has a sweet astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs. The helmet is light, but is [...]


Dad builds a quadcopter drone to supervise son’s daily trip to the bus stop

Drones are cool. Quadcopters are cool. Watching your kid to the bus stop is also very cool. Paul Wallich over at ieee spectrum decided to put them all together and make a DIY drone to track his kid on the way to the bus stop. Sensors, radios and batteries It takes a bit to make [...]

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