Here’s a portable TV antenna for the iPad

I watch a lot of TV on my iPad. Netflix, Hulu and the ABC Player app are my most common apps. The iPad has made time-delayed television as ubiquitous as the device and an internet connection. Portable TV Antenna I remember in elementary school another kid came to school with a ‘portable tv’ with a [...]


MasterCard is adopting new credit card technology for a more secure card

The next big thing in ‘credit card technology’ seems to be making it’s way to Singapore. The card has buttons and an LCD screen that will only allow payment from the card if the user enters their PIN number. The problem? This isn’t new technology. I read an article on this technology from Geekologie back [...]


Macy’s is the first to integrate this indoor GPS mobile app

Indoor GPS is a killer technology. Meridian is a startup that seems to have solved the indoor positioning problem. For a long time, the only way to build an app with their tech was to use their custom editor. Now, they’ve opened up with a pair of SDKs to help businesses take advantage of their [...]


Angry Birds Star Wars toys launch alongside iOS and Android apps

Fresh of the news that Disney has purchased future rights to the Star Wars franchise, the Angry Birds franchise has their own intergalactic news: Star Wars toys. The Angry Birds Star Wars edition is hitting the iOS App Store and Google Play today. The apps will cost $.99 and contain all of the Luke, Han, [...]


Prank Your Friends With These Tech Gifts

Have you ever seen a Prank Pack product? They make $8 boxes to put the real gift inside. “Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in your gift recipient’s half-hearted enthusiasm.” They have some fun tech boxes to wet [...]


New Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi home security camera connects to your smartphone

Lately I’ve been following a lot of home automation products and services. You may have noticed. A few weeks ago, Belkin announced a baby monitor that you could follow with your iPhone or iPad. They’re bumping up the stakes a bit and using the technology to deliver a home security package. Night Vision and Wide [...]


Gisele, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, & John Legend endorse this healthy candy. It mimics M&Ms and Reeses in a healthy way

Have you heard of Unreal candy? If you come across a healthy-yet-still-tasty candy called Unreal, you might find yourself a bit happier than you were before. Bill Gates had a few things to say about the new product: In a blog post titled “Candy Innovation That’s Really Unreal,” the Microsoft co-founder writes about the candy [...]


Amiigo: Monitor your workouts, activities, and vital signs (a bracelet built by MIT engineers)

Wearable devices on the market are a hot commodity. The number of mobile and wireless devices we have create a wonderful opportunity for data collection. A team of engineers from MIT are working on a new kind of wearable device that won’t only track activity, but could also keep track of vital health statistics. The [...]

atrix 4G motorola webtop cancelled

Motorola won’t include Webtop on future products

The mobile desktop of the future Motorola acquired a company called Webtop back in 2011. The technology allowed for a smartphone to act as the brain of a laptop or television. It was built into devices like the Atrix 4G, which could be docked into a laptop accessory and ran with full computer functionality. You [...]


Awesome Halloween app adds effects to your costume

If you’re the geek I think you are, you’ll enjoy this. It’s the perfect mixture of Halloween and high-tech. Whether you buy a costume or not, the app is free, go check it out. Apple download Android download Joshua Howland Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. His favorite posts to write [...]

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