DisplayMate: iPad picture quality, color accuracy, and gray scale much better than most HDTVs, laptops, and monitors

A lot has been said about the Retina display. We’ve “seen it before”, “never seen anything like it”, “been disappointed again”, or “been blessed by the Apple gods”. The resposes seem hot and cold. Do you want to know why the response is unclear: From a practical perspective the new iPad screen went beyond a [...]


The new iPad is technically the most amazing display ever. Technically. But maybe it just isn’t a big deal

The new iPad is technically the most amazing display you’ve ever seen. Technically. I believe that we’re actually reaching a tipping point for displays where the resolution is ‘good enough’. Retina might be it. After all, if your eye can’t discern the pixels, does it matter how many there are? But it really isn’t amazing [...]

Picture 10

3 Nostalgic Mad Men Gadgets

With the season five premiere for Mad Men last night, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase some if the amazing technological feats of the 1960s that were used through out the show. Check out some of the “cutting edge technology” of that time, in the list below. The Typewriter Typewriters have been commercially marketed ever [...]

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology (Infographic)

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology [Infographic]

The Next Big Thing in Tech Everybody wants to know: what is the “next big thing” in technology? We’re not talking about space-age teleportation suits or time travel. We’re talking about legitimate consumer-targeted tech with the potential to arrive in your home soon. Our researchers scoped the web for any and all mentions of “the [...]

Waiting in line for the iPad

Is The new iPad worth the wait?

People ask me all of the time: “Should I buy the iPad today, or should I wait until the next iPad comes out?” The refrain gets louder as we get close to the holiday season. Why? Because Apple releases an iPad right after Christmas and people want to know if they should get the 9 [...]

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How to predict the future

People like to try to predict the future, but their predictions are often wrong. Why? There are two types of predictions of the future. Though both envision a future filled with technology, the two are vastly different. One asks: “How can we use technology more?” The other asks: “How can we make people’s lives easier?” [...]


The new iPad is unbeatable – Retina display, silky smooth response, and 10 hrs battery

If you’re an iPad competitor, what are you going to attack? * Media store? Nope. Samsung, Motorola, and Asus don’t have anything like iTunes. * Software? Nope. These are hardware companies. They rely on other guys to make the software. Who’s making iWork (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) or iLife (Garageband, iMovie, and iPhoto) for Android [...]


Apple Announcement: iOS 5.1 Available Today – Apple doing more to integrate Facebook into your iPhone/iPad.

Apple wrapped up iOS 5.1, and put a bow on it pretty quickly. Usually this ‘.1′ update has about a pretty long turn around. What’s new in iOS 5.1? Facebook Integration – A new Facebook username field is in the Contacts application. The line was hidden before unless you gave the contact a Twitter account. [...]


Will the next iPhone be 5 or 6?

Apple isn’t beholden to anyone in the media. They march to the beat of their own drum. That goes for what they name their products. What does the media expect? Rumor mills, and tech blogs are all calling the next generation the ‘iPhone 5′. They were calling the iPhone 4S the ‘iPhone 5′ long before [...]


3 Reasons I’m Leaving Google

I’m leaving Google behind. I don’t hate them, and I don’t think they are evil. They aren’t selling your personal information on the black market. They aren’t big brother watching you. I’m leaving them for 3 simple reasons. Seamless experience: Apple has peaked my interest with iCloud. I realize that I’m just moving my personal [...]

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