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Hilarious Meme: The Rough 90s for Dawson

For those of us who lived through the 90s, this meme should be a special treat.  Internet, television, Pokemon, and even school woes that made you want to cry when you were younger are all highlighted here. If you need an explanation, they probably aren’t going to be funny for you. Here are some pictures [...]


3D Eye Tracking Glasses let you play games without your hands

Have you ever been too tired to sit up and play games, but too wired to fall asleep? The future might come with a solution for you: Play with your eyeballs. A team at UK’s Imperial College lead by Dr. Aldo Faisal has rigged eye tracking circuitry that take advantage of new 3D technology. The [...]

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Facebook Investor Tells Eric Schmidt ‘Google is Out of Ideas’

Google is often regarded as the tech company willing to try anything in the name of science and technology. It is that ‘try-anything’ attitude that has brought about Gmail, Google Glass, and self-driving cars. That’s why many were surprised at the jabs by PayPal founder and prolific Silicon Valley investor Peter Theil towards Google’s Eric [...]


Coming Soon: Sensors That Allow You To Measure Anything

A team of three amazingly smart geeks (and I mean that in the highest sense of the word) have teamed up to create a multi-sensor device that interfaces with your Android and iPhone. It’s called the Sensordrone. What’s that mean in english? You can measure temperature, humidity and a host of other things on your [...]

This robot will beat you at Rock, Paper, Scissors every time [video]

VIDEO: A Robot That Will Crush You (or Cut/Cover) in Rock Paper Scissors Every Time!

Did you think that Rock Paper Scissors was just a dinky meaningless game? Think again! The sign The game is a sign of how fast the computer brain can collect and process data. We’ve all seen someone who seemingly couldn’t be beat at Rock Paper Scissors. It seemed like they could see what you were [...]

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New tennis racket prototype has potential to truly improve your game (by @ashmo6)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you know that technology is taking over almost every aspect of life. From social and professional to educational and entertainment related. But, what about the sports world? Sure we’ve seen the watches that track everything from heart rate to calories burned during your [...]


Volvo SARTRE Driverless Train: 53MPH at 20 feet apart

One of the coolest tech projects out there is Volvo’s SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment). Volvo gave the project a boost of public awareness, and maybe trust. The 124-mile Spanish test both proved that the cars could stay driverless without posing a threat and upped the ante for what the cars could do: [...]

85917-scan_page_for_businesses-large-1338255498 helping businesses fix QR codes

Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web had an interesting post on “They’re a Google Ventures-backed company that’s doing some very cool things to fix QR Codes.” Scan has already done some cool things you can do with QR codes. They create personal scan pages, like having a digital business card, and give you the [...]


For $558 This Gadget Blasts Stinky Ions And Keeps Clothes Fresh

You can certainly try to mask the any odors that might be found in your closet. Some people try leaving a box of soap open, or spraying their clothes with cologne (like Abercrombie in stores). Living in Japan While I was in Japan it was hard to keep clothes in the closet fresh. The humidity [...]


VIDEO: Control Siri from across the room with the IRIS 9000

We all love Siri. She’s so funny and sweet. She makes us laugh and brings us the information we need when we need it. Cult Classic The first thing we think of when you hear about Siri is how much technology is advancing. Siri isn’t AI by any stretch, but it certainly begins to feel [...]

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