The Characters Of The Office Will Stare At You With Any Emotion You Type In

The Internet has done it again. This is The Office Stare Machine. Creators Joe Sabia and Aaron Rasmussen documented every moment during The Office when a character looked at the camera without speaking. There are 706 total stares. These moments were then tagged with emotions. “They realized every character from The Office was so perfectly [...]


How Much Of Your Life Have You Spent Watching TV?

We can watch on our TV’s, computers, tablets, phones, and maybe in a few years our wristwatches. Streaming has opened up a world of current and past TV shows that are begging us to binge watch. Now, can help us calculate the bitter truth. Just how many days of our lives have we spent [...]

Google Play Movies

How To Put Movies On Your Nexus Device

Although the screens on our phones are small, they are getting bigger and nicer.  Every now and then, you might find it useful to have a movie to help pass the time. Obviously the best and easiest way is to purchase the digital copies from the Play Store. You’ll have access to your movies on [...]


PSA: House Of Cards Season 2 Now Live On Netflix

The wait is over! All episodes of House of Cards (Season Two) are available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. If you’re logged into Netflix from your computer, you can start watching right now with this link: House of Cards Season Two. Even President Obama is excited for the new season, asking fans on Twitter [...]


How To Live Stream The Super Bowl If You Don’t Have Cable

This one is for all you cord cutters out there. For the first time, Fox will offer a free live stream of the Super Bowl to those of us who don’t pay for cable or satellite. On February 2, the Fox Sports Go iPad app will give you a free one day “preview” during the [...]


Vizio Unveils First 4K Television, Set To Debut At Just $999

As CES rolls on this week, we’re sorting through hundreds of press releases, tweets, blog posts, and other tips for the latest and greatest tech to make its way into your car, your pocket, your living room, and your body. While 4K TVs are still a rarity, it looks like 2014 is shaping up to [...]


Siri Makes an Appearance on The Simpsons [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever had issues with Siri recognizing what you say and responding accordingly, The Simpsons share your frustration. Check out this quick 20 second clip from Season 25, Episode 3. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. Be sure to say hello! You can also keep up [...]

Will DOGTV Turn Your Pooch Into a Couch Pet ato    ABC News

TV Has Gone To The Dogs (Literally, There’s Now A TV Station For Dogs)

Every dog has its day, specifically August 1st, when the new DOGTV network especially for canines will be launched nationwide on DirectTV. TV for dogs? Now that’s just doggone, ridiculous. Well, maybe not. DOGTV CEO Gilad Neumann explains: “As we work harder and both household members usually go out to work, dogs spend a lot [...]


This $2,500 LED TV Looks Like A Mirror When It’s Turned Off [VIDEO]

Mirrored Innovations is a company based in California that sells a $2,500 Samsung LED TV that looks like a mirror when it’s turned off. As the video above demonstrates, the unit comes with a custom frame and free shipping. For more information of this product, click here.


Amazon Rumored To Be Developing Its Own Set-Top Box For Streaming Video users can already access the company’s library of video content on a large range of devices, including Amazon’s own Kindle line of products, but reports Wednesday suggest that the e-commerce giant is primed to release its own set-top box for streaming to television sets. Such a device would compete with other set-top boxes like [...]

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