Verizon 4G LTE Now Live In These 19 Markets

Verizon has, by far, the largest 4G LTE network in the country. They were quick to see the future and started deploying LTE before any other U.S. carrier. It’s safe to say their efforts have paid off, as they now have more than 440 U.S. markets covered with 4G LTE. But, they aren’t stopping there. [...]


Verizon brings Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S3

Great news for many of you ZAGGblog readers: Verizon is [finally] delivering the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to the Samsung Galaxy S3 today, as expected. You should receive a notification (if you haven’t already) letting you accept the update and download it. From the screenshot above, provided by DroidLife, it’s 400MB in size, so [...]


[Deals] Here are the big savings on Droids, iPhones and ZAGGsparqs

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve located the best deals for you once again, and here they are. Verizon – (click here) Droid RAZR M – $50 off, now $49 Droid Incredible 4G LTE – $50 off, now $49 Droid RAZR HD – $50 off, now $149 Droid RAZR MAXX HD – $50 off, now $249 Best [...]


First HTC Droid DNA Commercial: It’s not an upgrade to your phone. It’s an upgrade to yourself.

Verizon just released the first ad for the Droid DNA by HTC. It certainly keeps the Droid brand alive (think: robots). I’m not sure what to make of the tagline at the end “It’s not an upgrade to your phone. It’s an upgrade to yourself.” Thoughts? Let us know on Twitter (@mbchp) after you watch [...]


Just days after release, Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is Rooted [Guide]

The fine folks at XDA never disappoint. If you’ve picked up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Big Red, or if you’re considering making it your next device, check out the guide. If you’re already familiar with Samsung devices, it looks like a walk in the park. 10 steps, start to finish. What are some [...]


Consumer Reports: Verizon ranked best major US carrier (but there’s good news for AT&T too)

The latest report from Consumer Reports is a big win for Verizon. In reality, the rankings aren’t any different from the last report and, that’s good for Verizon (staying on top). The report surveyed more than 63,000 wireless subscribers in the U.S. Verizon got its high scores in voice and data quality and customer service [...]


Droid DNA Launches Today: Go Get Your 1080p On

The first 1080p handset for the United States is available nationwide today for $199 (two-year contract) or $599 (full retail, SIM-unlocked). With the holiday shopping season well-upon us, the Droid DNA by HTC is no doubt at the top of many of your lists. Good news: it launches in Verizon stores nationwide today. If you [...]


An Entire City’s 4G LTE Network Can be Brought Down for $650

Researchers at Virginia Tech have made a startling discovery: an entire region’s 4G LTE network can be brought down with a device that costs $650 bucks. Of course, doing so would require some expertise in communications technology, but Marc Lichtman, the research assistant on the study, said “Any communications engineer would be able to figure [...]


HTC Droid DNA: Full 1080p, 5-inch Display

Phones with 720p HD displays are old news. You know what’s cool? A 5-inch, 1080p Super LCD 3 display with an astonishing 440 pixels-per-inch. Meet the Droid DNA, the latest and greatest superphone from HTC and Verizon, unveiled at a media event this morning in New York. The Droid DNA goes up for pre-order today, [...]


Shipping Now: iPad mini with LTE

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you might remember my last post about the iPad mini with WiFi + Cellular not shipping until November 21, with a delivery date shortly thereafter. It looks like Apple has gotten their inventory in and started shipping a little sooner, because I received the below email [...]

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